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upCYCLING Membership
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upCYCLING Membership

$ 59.00
Membership starts immediately

upCYCLING Requirements:

  • You already own a woom bike and currently have an address in the contiguous United States
  • Your woom bike is less than two years old
  • You have purchased an Upcycle membership 
  • You are buying a larger-sized bike directly from our website

Step 1 – Online: Buy the next bike

  • Place your order for the next bike up
  • After ordering the next bike up, email us to let us know you want to Upcycle the smaller bike.
  • We will then generate a return-shipping label and email you the label. 

Step 2 – From your home

  • Receive your new bike at your front door! 
  • Place the bike the child has outgrown in the box you received, safely package and secure the bike in the box and attach the label we send you. 
  • Drop off at your local UPS store for shipping to us.

Step 3 – We take it from here:

  • We receive the bike and check to make sure it is usable and in a general 'okay-to-used' condition 
  • We will then refund 40% of the purchase price of the bike you sent to us towards your most recent purchase 
  • Keep in mind the Upcycle membership is one-per-child and is only eligible to use for credit on a larger bike (though this can be used multiple times as your child grows)

Upcycling –
because children can grow fast

Children can grow fast.  We still want your child to always have a bike that is the perfect fit for them.  This is why we have created our innovative Upcycle system.  

das Superleichte
40% of purchase price
When buying the next size woom bike from our website and returning your used woom bikes, get 40% of the original purchase price
das Durchdachte
one-time purchase
Buy one membership and it's good towards all Upcycling (one purchase of the membership per child)
das Passende
fair and simple
Simply put: your woom Bike you are sending to us should be no more than 2 years old and still in usable and decent condition.
flat rate shipping
$19 Ground Shipping for bike orders to all US customers (including Hawaii and Alaska).
garantierte Qualität
fast and direct
As soon as we receive your used woom Bike, we then confirm it is in usable condition and immediately transfer 40% of the returned bike's cost to your most recent purchase
doing good
The used Upcycle bikes are given to non-profits and or used for marketing purposes such as event display

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