Upcycle Membership


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The Upcycle system lets the bike grow with the child



Upcycling ist very easy: 

By purchasing the Upcycling membership ONCE you will receive a refund of 40% of the original purchase price back when buying a new bike within 24 months. You only pay once and can return any future bike to us within the given timeframe. The bike needs to be in "good" condition when returned. ( with good we mean that the bike should be returned in the same condition as you wish to have a bike returned to you). The invoice you will receive when purchasing a bike will contain information on the Upcycling membership and will be your proof of membership.

Sorry:  Upcycling is only available in continental US due to shipping costs to and from other countries as well as Hawaii and Alaska.  Upcycling can only be used in conjunction with bikes purchased directly from us.woombikes.com.  It cannot be used when purchasing WOOM Bikes from other stores or online websites  


When ordering the next bigger sized bike, you simply stick the old bike into the box and return it to us. After receiving the bike from you we will inspect it  and we will reimburse you with the 40% of the original purchase price of the bike you returning. In case the bike is in really bad condition we will contact you and will let you know your options. We will keep the right to reject a returned bike.

Simplified:  If you purchase the original bike at $300 and you will upcycle to the next bike, then we will reimburse you 40% of the $300 original price = $120 when you purchase the next size bike. 


Goal of the Upcycle Program

Is that you can offer your child the perfect size at any point in time without it having a negative impact on your purse!


What happens to the old bikes?

They will be serviced and worn out parts will be replaced. We do not sell refurbished bikes.  We are working with non-for-profit organizations and cycling academies