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Upcycle Membership
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Upcycle Membership

$ 59.00
Ready to ship : own instantly (emailed item)

Upcycling –
because children can grow fast

Children can grow fast.  We still want your child to always have a bike that is the perfect fit for them.  This is why we have created our innovative Upcycle system.  

das Superleichte
40% of purchase price
When buying the next size Woom bike from our website and returning your used Woom bikes, get 40% of the original purchase price
das Durchdachte
one-time purchase
Buy one membership and it's good towards all Upcycling (one purchase of the membership per child)
das Passende
fair and simple
Simply put: your Woom Bike you are sending to us should be no more than 2 years old and still in usable and decent condition.
free return shipping
We pay for shipping when it's time for you to return a bike
garantierte Qualität
fast and direct
As soon as we recieve your used Woom Bike, we then confirm it is in usable condition and immediately transfer 40% of the returned bike's cost to your most recent purchase
doing good
The used Upcycle bikes are given to non-profits and or used for marketing purposes such as event display

Upcycling –
it's easy!


  • You already own a Woom Bike
  • Your Woom Bike is no older than 2 years
  • You have purchased an Upcycle membership 
  • You are buying a next-size-up bike (for example, you own a Woom 2 and are buying a Woom 3) directly from our website

Step 1 – Online: Buy the next bike

  • Email us or call us to let us know you are about to Upcycle. USA@woombikes.com or 855-966-6872 so that we can generate a free return-shipping label  
  • In the 'notes' section while ordering, let us know you are Upcycling 
  • Place your order

Step 2 – From your home

  • Receive your new bike at your front door! 
  • Contact us to get your free return shipping
  • Place the bike the child has outgrown in the box you received, safely package and secure the bike in the box and attach the label we send you.  
  • Drop off for shipping to us.

Step 3 – We take it from here:

  • We receive the bike and check to make sure it is usable and is a general 'okay to used' condition 
  • Once that all checks out and the bike has been expected, we will refund 40% of the purchase price of the bike you sent to us towards the purchase of the most recent purchase  
  • Keep in mind the Upcycle membership is one-per-child and is only eligible to use for credit on the next bike up