Adult T-Shirt T-Rex WOOM

$18.00 $9.00

Purchasing a WOOM bike for your child or do you have one already?  Here is your opportunity to get your hands on some limited edition WOOM apparel for adults. 

Get a cool T-Shirt and be part of the WOOM family.

Portions of the proceed for February and March sales of T-shirts will go to the Junior Bike League in Austin, Texas

The epic T-Rex T-Shirt is now available in the US.  We have a limited number of WOOM T-shirts available in different sizes (S, M, L and XL).  

  • White 50/50 T-Shirts
  • Front displays our WOOM T-Rex featured on our Supra models
  • Back displays WOOM
  • The right sleeve has the WOOM logo in red