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Bike Lock

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Cable lock made by the German manufacturer ABUS with only 10mm thickness.

ABUS Combination Cable Lock Tresor 1350 10mm: Black

It is perfect to lock off your Woom at the playground fence, in front of kindergarten or at the ice cream shop. Because the cable is long enough you can lock helmet, sand toys, tricycles and other equipment along with it.

In fairness it should be mentioned here that the lock can be cracked with a mean cutter within minutes. If you want to lock your bike to the train station at night, we recommend you to buy yourself a heavy padlock. This lock is designed as an immobilizer and protection against opportunist thieves.

The combination lock has a few advantages over a lock with keys: Keys are lost or forgotten. Relatives do not need any keys, only the lock combination which enables flexible pick up from nursery school or from other places ...

  • ⋅ Strong, high quality flex cable to lock bike to almost any fixed object
  • ⋅ Re-settable PIN code with 10,000 combinations
  • ⋅ Recommended for entry level or kid's bikes in areas with a normal risk of theft
  • ⋅ Two component moulded digits guarantee life-long visibility
  • ⋅ Includes KLICKfix bracket for saddle clamping bolts
  • ⋅ PVC coating to prevent damage of the bicycle's paintwork
  • ⋅ Security Rating: 3 of 15
  • ⋅ Weight: 590g
  • ⋅ Dimensions: 185cm (Cable Length) x 10mm (Cable Diameter)