WOOM Full Finger Cycling Gloves



Full Finger Cycling Gloves:

Our gloves not only look cool and fashionable but they are also an additional safety feature for our young riders. Wearing gloves improves hand grip and offers a tighter connection with the handlebars.  


Find the Correct Size

Open and print this Sizing Template:


Great Fit

The outside area of the gloves consists of 4D-Stretch Lycra material.  The elastic material allows for a snug fit which eliminates the need for any velcro fasteners. 


Inside the Glove

The inside of the gloves is made out of faux leather and does not contain any stitching.  This allows for a comfortable overall feel. 

The silicon print provide additional grip and connection with the handlebars.  The Motif:  Ice cream, candy - the inside of the gloves contains everything our young riders typically love.