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Freewheel Kit
Freewheel Kit
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Freewheel Kit

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Freewheel Kit

The woom 2 Freewheel Kit

The woom 2 is supplied with two hand brakes and a coaster brake, and this optional upgrade allows your woom 2 to have a freewheel (includes tube and Kenda tire).

It can be installed by a professional bike shop or certified mechanic. IMPORTANT: Special tools are needed for the installation of this kit.  The kit must be installed by a certified and professional mechanic.  Do not attempt to install this on your own. 

This 14" wheel is designed to fit our woom 2 model.  If you currently own or are planning to buy a woom 2, you can purchase the wheel at $19.  This low price point is exclusive to woom. 

Non-woom compatibility:  While the wheel is designed for our woom 2, we have noticed that it might fit other non-woom models.  Non-woom customers can purchase this freewheel kit, but not at the special woom-customer price point. 


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