WOOM 4 City | Bike 20 inch | 6-8 Years | 45"-51" | 21lb 09oz (9.8kg)

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WOOM 4 City

Includes Bell and Kickstand

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Weight Age Size
21lb 09oz (9.8kg) 6-8 years 45 - 51" (115-130 cm)

The 20” WOOM 4 City Bike is the ideal commuter bike for children.  Our light weight aluminum frame with our dynamic geometry is paired with eight gears, a dynamo powered front and rear lighting system, fenders and rear backpack holder.  It is the perfect companion for the road.  


How do we deliver the bike?

We ship our bikes directly to you minimal assembly required.  The assembly process is simple and requires a few simple steps

Brakes and shifters are already in perfect condition when the bike arrives. No additional adjustments are required!

  • Included in all shipments are Allen wrenches and pedal wrenches along with easy to read assembly instructions.
  • The WOOM 4 City Bike already has the rear wheel, fenders, lighting system and rear back pack holder are already installed and ready to go

Only the front wheel needs to be inserted and the quick release tightened.  Install pedals (watch for right and left pedals) handle bar installation and adjustment into the correct position and tightening of the screws. – ready to go!

The Frame

The superlight AA-6061 alloy combined with an agile seat and handlebar angle provide the extra enjoyment and fun while riding. The frame is protected by high quality and toxic free powder coating.

The Fork

The high quality Unicrown fork is made out of ChroMoly steel and delivers direct steering with maximum damping.

The Cockpit

The stem and headset made from alloy reduce the weight of the bike and enable a low center of gravity of the bike by delivering a high level of flexibility and adjustment. The High quality V-brakes front and rear as well as the SRAM shifter with gear display will make kids excited. 

The Seat

The robust and toxic free seat is mounted to a seatpost which has two screw mounting to enables an easy adjustment to find the perfect seat position. A quick release seat post clamp makes it easy and quick to adjust the saddle height. A safety window in the seat tube shows very clearly how high the saddle can be raised to reach its maximum.

The Drive

The welded WOOM alloy crank together with the sealed bottom bracket and the double chain protection rings fulfills the highest standards of safety, durability and drivability.
The 8 speed SRAM shifter enables steep hill climbing and makes even steep uphills enjoyable for the kids.

The Wheels

The super light WOOM SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS alloy rims with industry bearing hubs and Nirospokes offer minimum rolling resistance. 

City Bike Equipment

The City bike is equipped with a dynamo that weighs less than one pound and delivers enough energy to power the LED front light even at low speeds at 6V/3W.  The light weight construction of the dynamo does not affect the riding experience and there is no noticeable drag.

The lighting system in the front and back allows for full visibility even during traffic light or stop signs.  The light will continue to burn for several minutes.  The front LED light does not require maintenance and is safe of corrosion and damage proof.  There is an on/off switch on the rear part of the light.  The LED rear light offers improved rear and side to side visibility and are also free of any maintenance.  All cables are all water proof and are internally routed through the frame and rear back pack holder

High quality fenders on front and rear are connected with metal with frame and fork

The rear back pack holder is compatible with many saddlebags and it offers hook and eye for the safe and secure attachment of rack straps

The reflective beads on the low resisting tires allow for good visibility

The bike is also equipped with Bell and Kickstand. 

The City Bike is the perfect companion for road trips and commuting to school.  It offers a safe alternative for commuting even in wet or poor weather conditions.



For the bike enthusiasts, here the details:


A Wheel / Tire size 20" F Wheelbase


825 mm

B Cockpit / Grip height


745 mm

G Crank length


110 mm

C Steering angle 68° H Seattube angle 71.5°
D Medium standing height


550 mm

I Minimum Seat Height


500 mm

E Horizontal toptube length


430 mm

J Maximum Seat Height 27.56"700 mm