Back to School SAVE $26 - WOOM 1 (ships in 5-7 business days)

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SAVE $26 with this package

Package: WOOM 1 + Helmet +Bike Stand + Bell

It's simple and easy:

  1. Select Melon Helmet - pick from 3 styles
  2. Select your preferred color of your WOOM 1 Bike
  3. Select one of three popular accessories
  4. And your Anodized Bell will be installed on your WOOM 1
  5. Save $26


About The Helmet

All helmets are size XXS-S

They are made by MELON ® for us and are light, well ventilated and have the super-genius magnetic closure. Never again pinch the skin when closing a helmet!

    MELON® Urban Active Helmets - From the city streets to the bike trails, the Melon Cyaneon Helmet offers sylish, lightweight, and comfortable protection with an easy-to-use fit system. The latest production technologies and a wide range of features provide all the requirements for a modern, urban, active application. The hi-tech in-mold construction in a classic shape, make it 30% lighter, to comparable hard shell helmets. 

    Size: XXS - S  (18" to 20.5" or 46cm - 52cm)