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LOKKI Bike Lock
LOKKI Bike Lock
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LOKKI Bike Lock

$ 24.00
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LOKKI Bike Lock

Save your beloved woombike in a matter of seconds with our woom chain lock. There is no key needed, just choose a numeric code with 4 digits. We chose a bright red to discourage thieves!

          • 24inch (61 cm) chain length 
          • 24 inch (6 mm) chain thickness
          • Hardened steel
          • Security level 8
          • Numeric code with 4 digits
          • Abrasion-resistant fabric sleeve protects the paint of the bicycle

    1. The initial number is "0000" 
    2. Turn the Reset Button 90°
    3. Select your favorite number
    4. Turn back the Reset Button (Note: If you want to change the number, repeat step 1-3)

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