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Gears $/RED

Smooth gear switching will protect the bicycle in the long run.  Also, smooth gear switching is smooth and quiet. Here are tips to acheive both. 
  • Tip 1: Emphasize to your child to not switch gears when the bike is at a stand still - that is not ideal for your bike for stand-still gear switching!  Have the woom bike in motion when your child is learning to switch gears and do this on a flat surface.  
  • Tip 2: Once the basics of going up and down in gears on a flat surface are down, you can move to a hilly area with sloping. This is when the real power of gears can come into play.  

Overcoming Obstacles

Before the child goes out and about into places with higher traffic, the small obstacles have to be handled safely.  Whether that's starting out in a park or in a friendly low-key bumpy trail, practice makes perfect for the wide world adventures down the road. 
  • Tip 1: First have your child conquer a simple, proper riding position. Remind them to look straight ahead and not down while pedaling.  This is key.   
  • Tip 2: In order to be prepared for road obstacles such as bumps, small dips and anything unexpected, have your child learn to tackle obstacles safely. Have them lean back ever so slightly when they are about to take a bump.  
  • Tip 3: Wet ground, gravel and more must be first tackled slowly! Have your child ride in short paths you've set up until they can comfortably gain speed in such conditions.  Never ride too fast when the path is not ideal.  

Mastering Balance $/RED

It can be more efficient when the bike saddle has been raised to the point where your child's heels are raised up from the ground but their toes and ball of each foot is planted on the ground. Before this is achieved, though, balance has to be mastered by the child. 
  • Tipp 1: Whether it is to signify a turn using their arm or to swipe a bumblebee out of their face, a child must feel secure with just one hand on the bike.  This is a key step to balance.  Master this skill by having your child go on a slightly downhill slope and practice with loose grip for just a second. This lets them learn to take one hand off the bike when the situation calls for it! 
  • Tip 2: Practice on soft ground.  By keeping the pedals horizontal, you will see it on your child's face that the balancing act is no problem. In fact, it can be very fun.  Practice safely and have fun.