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Skill Training


The Riding Horizon is Expanding. The riding horizon is expanding.  Kids start riding on roads and off-road and also work on cornering.  Riding uphill and downhill is part of their exploration.  A single speed  is no longer enough and kids now need gears to shift.  woom bikes offer an easy to use and quiet gear shifter.  This will help them learn shifting quickly and use it when exploring more challenging terrain. Some use their bike just for fun or ride with friends or use it for competition or all of the above. It's important to introduce new concepts or new terrain to continuously challenge our kids.  Coaching and teaching kids on bikes will immediately pay off.  

Little Rider. Whether it's for riding around the neighborhood, a commuting bike for school or just to ride around with friends, the woom bike is a powerful transportation device.  By making going out on a bike such a pleasant experience, your little rider will become confident and happy—even if they learned how to ride already, they will be pleased with the woom bike's infrastructure and will take their riding to new levels.