With the bike ready and hands firmly on the grips, the first few steps can begin.  Children learn well by imitation: just go to a local park or somewhere near where other children may also be riding bikes for inspiration.  
    Tip 1: Make sure your child's saddle is the correct height.  The child should have their feet firm on the ground for Balance Bikes and have the heels slightly up for pedal bikes yet the toes still on the ground.  Tip 2: In the beginning, the parent can support the child on the shoulders until after a few steps on the bike and, before you know it, they will be steady and off on their own. 
Now that the child has learned to walk on the balance bike, they are gearing up for a run! Watch as the steps grow alongside the skill of your child.  
    Tip 1: Once the child really begins to take off flying, you can incrementally raise up the seat to have their feet slightly raised when at a stand still.  
The brakes on the Balance Bike begin to teach your child about proper bike riding!  By using the right hand brake, your child is being set up for success. 
    Tip 1: The child will begin to understand the cause and effect work of the braking.  Right break causes the rear wheel to brake. We consider this the safest brake to use in most cases, as the right brake may help to avoid a bike flip over.