Pedal bikes made easy:
Kids using pedals in no time


No training wheels, no problem. In an important moment, your child will take on a real pedal bike. If they have already learned on a Balance Bike, they have a head start; if not, we have them covered. All of our bikes can be used as a 'balance bike' with the pedals left off (which is how the bike arrives), allowing children of all ages and all skill backgrounds to become powerful, advanced riders using our pedal bikes when the child is ready for you to attach the pedals.  No training wheels—no problem.   

Ready to Ride (and brake). With your help, your child's drive to pedal will be a piece of cake.  With your guiding voice, their eyes set straight ahead as they take off, and a lightweight woom Bike, they will be all set to master their riding skills.  As they quickly grasp the pedals, the young rider will appreciate the color-coded green right hand brake that corresponds to the green back wheel brake.  Riding has never been this much fun!