woom ORIGINAL bikes are innovative balance and pedal bikes for kids that grow with the rider as they improve upon their technique. Learning to ride a bike and perfecting those bike-handling skills couldn't be easier, safer or more intuitive. Who knew riding a bike could be so much fun?
woom 1
woom 1
12″ wheels  •  6.6 lbs
1.5 - 3.5 years  •  31″- 40″ height
woom 1 PLUS
woom 1 PLUS
14″ wheels  •  9.5 lbs
3 - 4.5 years  •  37″- 43″ height
woom 2
woom 2
14″ wheels  •  12.3 lbs
3 - 4.5 years  •  37″ - 43″ height
woom 3
woom 3
16″ wheels  •  13.1 lbs
4 - 6 years  •  41″ - 47″ height
woom 4
woom 4
20″ wheels  •  17.9 lbs
6 - 8 years  •  45″ - 51″ height
woom 5
woom 5
24″ wheels  •  20.3 lbs
7 - 11 years  •  49″ - 57″ height
woom 6
woom 6
26″ wheels  •  22.1 lbs
10 - 14 years  •  55″ - 65″ height
  • woom frame

    The superlight aluminum frame is the heart of the bike and ensures a fun and safe riding experience. Its cleverly designed age-specific geometry offers good control over the bike and gives young Riders maximum safety while exploring new horizons.

  • woom Stem

    Our stem is the safe and lightweight connection between the handlebars and the headset. It has no protruding bolts for kids to hit their knees on, making it truly “knee-friendly.”

  • woom steering limiter

    The woom steering limiter is an important safety feature developed by woom. It prevents the handlebars from overturning, helps kids ride straight and therefore reduces the risk of accidents. Available on sizes 1, 1 PLUS, 2 and 3.

  • woom saddle

    The saddle is one of the most important points of contact between the child and the bike. It significantly affects the feeling when riding. That is why our saddle is designed to fit the pelvis of children. Perfect for a unique riding experience!

  • woom low-resistance tires

    Tires have a major influence on how a bike rides. That is why for our bikes we have chosen tires that can be used for a broad variety of terrain. Whether your child is riding on tarmac, gravel or dirt, our lightweight tires will ensure maximum grip in any weather and on any surface, whether your child is riding straight or making turns.

  • Quick-release seatpost clamp

    The quick-release seatpost clamp offers a simple, quick and tool-free way to adjust the saddle height. It's even easy enough to be operated by kids. On your pedals, ready, go! Available on sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6.

  • "Whether you have a toddler and are shopping for their first balance bike or a pre-teen who loves zipping around town on their bicycle, a woom bike will help them to have more fun. There’s nothing worse than seeing kids who are frustrated on heavy, ill-designed bikes. Do them a favor, and invest in a quality bike."
  • "Everything on the bike, from the saddle to the powerful linear-pull brakes to the woom-specific cranks and headset, is kid-proportioned and butter-smooth."
    Chris Dixon Wirecutter
  • "Time and time again, the woom 3 has amazed parents and kids with how easy it is to ride compared to other bikes. While the woom 3 is excellent for any child, its lightweight and upright positioning have made it our go-to bike for beginning or timid riders who most benefit from being upright."
  • "In short, we are in love with this bike and when our son outgrows his woom 3, we’ll be ordering the woom 4."