About Us

Welcome to WOOMBIKES. The bike company that focuses all of its time and energy to design high quality and lightweight bikes for children of all ages.

What makes WOOM unique is our attention to detail. WOOM values safety, ergonomics, handling, design, and non-toxic parts to create environmentally friendly bikes for kids. The optional Upcycle System allows the bike to grow along with the young rider.

WOOM bikes are designed in Europe. Research & Development takes place in Austria. 

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A Better Way to Move:

WOOM bikes are available in six different sizes, one through six.

Start with WOOM 1, the ideal training bike for kids up to age 4. WOOM 1 is the perfect companion for the first encounter with two wheels. This balance bike teaches children balance and coordination without having to worry about the pedals. WOOM 2 is the first pedal bike for children ages 5 and up, and this technology grows up to WOOM 6, a 26-inch bike with 8 gears.

Every WOOM bike is handcrafted and targeted for a specific age group. WOOM has developed the “small hand reach” brake, which enable even the smallest of hands to brake safely and with minimum effort.

Commitment to a Green Company:

WOOM is centered on sustainability and a healthy environment.  The grips and saddles are softener-free. 

Upcycle System:

The objective of the Upcycle system is to ensure the your child rides a bike with the proper right bike size. The Upcycle System is simple: it allows the bike to grow with the child. A membership can be purchased with any WOOM bike. After 24 months of the purchase date, the bike can be returned to WOOM and 40% of the purchase price will be refunded to the buyer. The returned bikes will then be refurbished and sold as used bikes in the secondary market.


About WOOM

Founders of the WOOM brand is the industrial designer Christian Bezdeka, owner of Studio Bezdeka with multiple years experience in the bike industry. Studio Bezdeka has been involved in developing high-end mountain and race bikes for the Simplon brand.  Marcus Ihlenfeld is co-owner and responsible for the business side of the venture.

Christian Bezdeka and Marcus Ihlenfeld were looking for quality bikes for their own children and decided to solve the problem for themselves. With the support from the Austrian Wirtschaftsservice AWS and an Impulse XL grant, they were able to bring the project to life. During the developmental process, they have received support from the Austrian AUVA Bike workshop, where prototypes were thoroughly tested under real conditions and feedback helped drive the development process. After almost 4 years of research, development, numerous prototypes and test rides, Woombikes started selling bikes across Europe since early 2013.

WOOMBIKES USA was born in 2014 with the desire to bring the same high quality and light weight bicycles to families in North America that captured the same spirit embodied in the most popular models being ridden all across Europe. Mathias Ihlenfeld (Marcus's brother) manages the North American operations headquartered in Austin, TX.  Mathias is married and has two children.  Mathias was a former semi-professional tennis player in Europe who is now an avid cyclist.  Riding both Mountain and Road bikes, Mathias is active in the Texas cycling community and participates in races around Texas.  Mathias is a board member of the Austin Based 787 Racing team which has over 70 members