Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping, Ordering and What's in Stock

How soon will I get my bike? 

Most of our customers receive a bike that is in stock within 2-5 business days after we ship it.  All times are listed on each product page and may vary based on the color and size you would like. Keep in mind that our times and inventory listed on our website are accurate, and indicate when your bike will ship out in the size and color style of your choice! For making a tight deadline (such as a birthday) please contact us prior to ordering us to see what we can make work with available inventory.    

Is shipping really free on your bikes?

Yes, free shipping is available to all USA customers.

Customers in Canada must cover shipping costs (see next question). Customers in Australia must also cover shipping costs and cover any costs of duties and tariffs. We can ship internationally with shipping costs added - contact us if your country is not listed during checkout.

I live in Canada, can I still order from woom Bikes USA and what terms apply to Canadian orders?

Select woom Bikes are on at these links:

woom 2

woom 3

We do have an affiliate link on those products above.  When buying to ship to Canada direct from us, shipping is a flat charge of $100 for one bike. We pay any and all additional charges taxes duties or tariffs beyond the $100 (which often ranges from $40 to $80 plus dollars). If you order more than one bike to ship to Canada, the shipping price increases.  We are working on an affordable solution for our neighbors in the North but it is a slow process with unknown obstacles along the path. 

Due to the expense there are absolutely no returns or exchanges accepted for any woom bikes or accessories shipped to a Canadian Address.

The bicycle I want is not available to ship today, what should I do?

If your bike is currently not available to be shipped on the same or next business day, we recommend that you to still order as early as possible. We will reserve the bicycle for you and ship out when it is ready!

Do you offer discounts on your bikes or sell used bikes? 

We do not discount our bikes. Occasionally, we offer 'bundle' deals on our website that will let you save on accessories when purchased with a bike. Additionally, we do not sell used bikes. 

Is it easy to put a woom Bike together when it arrives? 

Yes.  Our bicycles are delivered in a way that everyone can build the woom bike ready for the road in just a few simple steps - easy! All brakes and even gears are perfectly tuned/assembled, so no adjustment work is needed! Every bike comes with a wrench for the pedals and an allen key to tighten the needed screws. Easily understandable assembly instructions, included with each bike, will guide you through every step.

What color options do you have?

Red, blue, green and purple.  On occasion, we may offer Limited-Edition colors such as yellow.  Our product pages always have the latest availability on color choices.

Are there special editions of woom Bikes (Supra, 2-Speed Automatix, City)? 

In the past, we have offered 'Supra,' 'City' and other editions of some of our bikes, but we have discontinued these models.  Our product pages always have the latest availability on style choices.  

Can I buy with Credit Card or Paypal?

Yes, we accept credit cards. At the checkout, you will see all our available payment options which includes PayPal. You can buy online or feel free to call us if you prefer to order over the phone.  855-966-6872.

Exchanges and Returns

Who pays shipping for returns or exchanges?

In the event you need to return or exchange your bike within the 30-day return period and are in the United States, we cover the cost of shipping provided that the bike is undamaged (Canadian and or international orders are excluded from returns, though). 

What should I do if I have a technical problem after buying a bicycle?

Please do not hesitate to call us at 855-966-6872 or send us an email to - We will be sure find a solution!

Sizing, no training wheels and other details questions

My child is only a few inches away from the larger model. Should we go with the larger one?

We take height minimums very seriously at woom, because we want your child to have the best riding experience possible. The child should be able to stand still on the bike with their feet down (but heels up) and ride comfortably, so that they have control at all time. We advise you to stick to our age and size recommendations. If you are still uncertain about the correct bike size, please do not hesitate to call us at +855-966-6872 or send us an email to

Why do woom Bikes 1, 2 (with the freewheel kit), 3, 4, 5 and 6 have hand brakes instead of (rear wheel) foot brakes?

We believe hand brakes combined with a back freewheel make for the best riding experience for a child.  The foot (coaster) brake may make nice skid marks on the pavement, but it has major disadvantages when compared to hand brakes:
    Starting biking is best when the pedal is at the 1 o´clock position and the crank may get stuck in the kickstand. An emergency stop is only possible whenever one of the pedals is positioned at the 1 o´clock position while riding. This contains significant risks as the child can only perform an emergency stop whenever the pedal is in the right position. In case the pedal is in not in the correct position in an emergency situation, your child might not be able to brake adequately. Your child will have handbrakes sooner rather than later (on later bikes). Learning how to work both brakes is essential.
Our bikes have special "small-hand reach" brake levers, which enable children with small hands to brake comfortably and without letting go of the handlebars. 

Why can I not buy training wheels from you?

We believe that children do not need training wheels, and how quickly toddlers and children of all skill levels pick up and take off on a woom Bike is a testament to this innovative approach! Not only that, our bikes are designed in a way that attaching training wheels bought from somewhere else is not possible. 

The balance bicycle teaches the most important thing: to keep your balance. After balance is mastered (which is quicker than you may be thinking!), only the pedaling has to be learned. This happens very swiftly and intuitively; a little patience and encouragement for your child will go miles!  We guarantee you will be pleased with our approach that if you're not happy without training wheels, you may return the bike within 30 days of purchase.

Learn more about the no-training-wheels revolution at this link below: Tales of a Mountain Mama.  

How can I teach my child to ride?

First, make sure your child has a helmet and gloves on. Find a safe place (a local park, for example) to take your child.  Have them start off by using the bike as a balance bike (ANY of our bikes can be balance bikes in a way, because you can leave the pedals off until your child is comfortable with balance).  Use encouraging words and a hand on the child's shoulder and or under the bike seat as the child is learning to take off. Make sure you encourage the child to keep looking forward as they gain momentum. 


How does Upcycling work?

Buy an UpCycle membership once (per child) and when your child is ready for their next bike, you will send in the used bike (UpCycling it) to get 40% of the returned bikes cost good toward your purchase of the next size up woom Bike.  We pay for all shipping in the UpCycle program.  Even better: we use the UpCycled bikes by teaming up with nonprofits around the country that focus on youth bike riding for health. Upcycle memberships are only available to customers in the USA. 

Do I need to order the Upcycle membership together with the bicycle?

No. The Upcycle membership can be purchased at any time. If the Upcycle membership is to be bought separately from the bike, upon its purchase please note in the comment field the order number of the bicycle, for which the Upcycling should be applied to.

What happens to used/Upcycle bikes?

They are often used for nonprofits and marketing purposes. At this time, we do not offer used or Upcycled bikes for sale 

Please send us an email with any other questions to

What happens to used/Upcycle bikes?

They are often used for nonprofits and marketing purposes. At this time, we do not offer used or Upcycled bikes for sale 

Please send us an email with any other questions to