Is the SRAM 2 speed Automatix Hub and Wheel still available?

The Sram 2 Speed Automatix wheel was a "limited supplies" purchase and  has sold out. They are no longer available as an add-on option. The bikes themselves with the pre-installed Sram 2 Speed Automatix is also a limited supplies" purchase and are still available while supplies last.

What Colors Do You Offer?

Our current color selection is Red, Blue, Green and Purple. This years "Special Edition Colors is Yellow and will be available for July 2017 delivery. Join our newsletter to keep up to date.

Are the Supra and City Bikes Discontinued?

We only have Woom 4 City Green, Woom 6 Cty Red and 4 Supra's left in stock. We are not expecting any more Supra or City bikes until at least the end of 2017.

Where can I buy refurbished WOOM bikes?

We currently do not have any refurbished bikes available to customers.  We also do not anticipate having refurbished bikes available for sale anytime soon since we have a high demand of used bikes for local bike riding classes and for work with non-for-profit cycling organizations.  

Can I fit training wheels on the WOOM2 or WOOM3 bikes?

The traditional approach of using the training wheels is not recommended. Training wheels are no longer a good practice. Here is a good article "Just Say No to Training Wheels"

Here is some more information and links to learn more about getting started without training wheels:

What happens to the used Upcycle bikes?

We have a high demand of used bikes for local bike riding classes and for work with non-for-profit cycling organizations. We do not sell any used/refurbished bikes to customers.

How is the bike delivered? 

Our bicycles are delivered in a way that everyone without any experience can make the Woombike roadworthy in a few simple steps.

Here are our assembly videos




All brakes and even gears are perfectly assembled, so no adjustment work is needed! Every bike is enclosed with a wrench for the pedals and an allen key to tighten the needed screws. Easily understandable assembly instructions guide you through every step. These can be found for the respective bicycle on our website under the heading on the left side called "Assembly" 

What should I do if I have a technical problem after buying a bicycle?

Please call us anytime at 855-966-6872 or send us an email to USA@woombikes.com - We will help you without any bureaucracy! We spare no expense or effort to get you ready for riding again! 

Do I need to order the Upcycle System together with the bicycle?

No. The Upcycle System can be purchased at any time. If the Upcycle System is to be bought separately from the bike, upon its purchase please note in the comment field the order number of the bicycle, for which the Upcycling should be applied to. Upcycle System

What should I do to get my new Upcycle bike?

Upcycle System


How do I best teach my child to ride a bicycle?

Here you can find an excellent report about the "Learn cycling" topic:


The Woombike was delivered. Now what should I do?

Using the enclosed assembly instructions you should be able to make a few simple steps to prepare the Woombike for riding. Additionally here you can find detailed help for assembling the Woombikes in English: