Size and Fit

Size and Fit is easy! - All you have to do is follow this table:

  WOOM Nr.

Age (yrs)

1.5 -  3.5y 3 - 4.5y  4 - 6y  6 - 8y  7 - 11y  10 - 14y

Height (in)



32 - 39"



37 - 43"



41 - 47"



45 - 51"



49 - 57"



55 - 65"




Size and Fit

Regarding sizing we go strictly by the height and skill level of the child and we have a 95% success rate fitting the bike to the child. Inseam and step over measurements are too ambiguous and we do not include those in the equation. We  have free shipping and returns too help alleviate some of the pressure in making a good fit choice. If your child has riding experience then there should not be any problem as long as they are in the height range we recommend online. If your child has very little to no experience then stick with the lower range choice that they fall in. If when you receive your bike that ends up not being the case, no worries we will exchange it and pay for the shipping all ways. 


If your child does not have any experience on a pedal bike and falls within the height range recommended for Woom 2, we recommend our Woom 2 as their bike as opposed to the Woom 3.
If your child can already ride a bike easily and is in the height range for the Woom 3, then your child will be able to ride the Woom 3. This theory applies to the whole range of our bikes.  Please let us know if you have any other questions by contacting us at