Grab your pen—on your mark, get set, DRAW!


We are currently in the process of creating the new jackets and shirts for our WORN TO BE WILD label and would like to have you on board as a designer. All you have to do is send us your best black-and-white sketch of a bicycle. Regardless of whether your design is selected for WORN TO BE WILD, you might still win a great prize in our raffle! It's this easy…



Snap a Photo

Take a thick black marker (preferably a felt-tip marker) and draw a bike on a white standard sheet of printer paper.
Take a picture of your drawing! If you have the option, you can also scan it (ask an adult for help). The sketch of your bike should fill as much of the photo frame as possible.



Fill out the form below with the help of your parents or legal guardian and upload the picture. The closing date for entries is April 30, 2020.
The winning designers will be notified by email. All participants will also automatically be entered into a raffle. Prizes include:  woom WORN TO BE WILD gift certificates: 10 x $100, 50 x $50 and 100 x $25


How big should my drawing be?

It is best to take a standard sheet of white printer paper (8.5” x 11”) and draw your bike on it so that there is a wide white border on all sides of the bike. When taking photos, make sure that your drawing fills the photo frame as much as possible—the larger the motif, the better.


Why shouldn't I use colored pens?

To print your design on our new clothing, the best format is a black-and-white drawing, preferably drawn with a thick felt pen.


What happens to my drawing?

Our design team is really looking forward to seeing your artwork! The team will take a close look at all the submitted drawings and then choose which ones are best suited for the design of our new shirts. Incidentally, the competition is completely independent of whether your drawing is selected for one of our new shirts—anyone who participates can win in our raffle!


Is there an age limit for participation?

No. Everyone can participate, so if your little sister, dad, aunt or grandpa would also like to join in, tell them they can draw a bike too.


This Contest Has Ended.


Applications for the WORN TO BE WILD by you design contest are closed. Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted your artwork!

Our apparel team is looking forward to developing a WORN TO BE WILD style from a selection of the designs that have been submitted. The designers of the artwork that have been selected will be notified and announced by May 31.

Everyone that submitted a drawing online is entered into the raffle to win WORN TO BE WILD gift cards. We are really excited to announce the winners. They will be contacted via email by May 8th. Good luck!

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