woom's Commitment to Doing More for the Black Community

Two of our core values as a company are responsibility and respect. We have always believed in taking action and giving back to the community. We believe diversity is a strength. Black lives matter. Black families matter. Black children matter.

In honor of George Floyd and all of the Black people that have died at the hands of the police, we have selected two organizations to give back to. In June, we donated $2,500 to an Austin-based organization, Six Square. Six Square is committed to preserving the legacy of African Americans in Central East Austin and improving the overall quality of life for Black residents in Austin, Texas. We understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and pledge to support our local black community now and into the future.

We also hosted an eBay auction where we auctioned 7 of our original bike models to the woom community. We raised $6,035.26 and 100% of the sales were donated to The Conscious Kid, Anti-Racist Children’s Books Education Fund

We invite you to join us in supporting both of these impactful organizations that are improving the quality of life for Black residents in Austin and educating our children on racism.

Conscious Kid

To donate go to www.theconsciouskid.org/donate


Six Square 

To donate go to www.sixsquare.org/


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