#woomgives to 5 Austin Angels Foster Children for Christmas

#woomgives to 5 Austin Angels Foster Children for Christmas

woom believes it’s important to give back to the community. Our Black Friday event on Nov. 23 benefiting local nonprofit Austin Angels was a big success. We also had the opportunity to make the holiday season brighter for an Austin Angels foster family by donating five woom bikes and helmets.

Justin, Victoria, Chloe, Ku'marion, and De'ambra have won over many hearts, and woom is excited to be part of their story.

The children have a kinship placement with “Mama Carol,” who is related to all of the children in some way; some are nieces or nephews or the children of cousins.

Getting the hang of their new woom bikes.  Photo: Enid Jones

Kathleen Crow, an Austin Angels case manager, explains, “Anytime someone in her family was going through something, Mama Carol was the one who took them in, who said ‘yes,’ who was ‘Mama.’”

Photo: Enid Jones

Austin Angels and area donors and volunteers help ensure that the family’s needs for basic necessities are met, but they also strive to fill the family’s lives with the childhood experiences and joys that many of us take for granted.

Influencers joined Austin Angels and woom on the day of gifting to the foster children.  Photo: Dylan Bures

Justin, the oldest child, told Kathleen he’d never had a bike before, and he asked if he could use a $100 gift card he’d received to buy one. “I was fighting back tears,” Kathleen says. “I said, ‘Of course, every kid should have a bike.’”

Photo: Enid Jones

woom made sure that Justin and all of his siblings got to keep their gift cards. Mathias Ihlenfeld, woom’s CEO and owner, presented five bikes to the children. It was the kind of special, happy day that reminds all of us at woom why we do what we do.

A few years ago, Mama Carol decided she wanted to adopt her foster children, but on a walk-through inspection, black mold was found in her home. “We knew with black mold, adoption wasn’t going to able to happen,” Kathleen says.

But Austin Angels and their volunteers quickly sprang into action. Within a few weeks, they’d obtained enough funding to provide the family a new home.

“On May 15, 2017, we got to stand in the adoption courtroom and watch these five kids finally become a forever family,” Kathleen says. “And today, we get to bless them for Christmas.” 

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