Tips and Insights from woom team commuters



woom has a unique, carefully selected team that often feels more like a family than a group of coworkers. woom employees represent a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and talents, but one quality applies to all: bikes are their passion.  

May is National Bike Month, with “Bike to Work Week” celebrated May 13 through May 19. Many staff choose to ride to woom’s Austin HQ by bike, and this week we’ve asked them to share why commuting by bike is important to them, as well as tips for those interested in joining the growing number of people who are choosing this healthy, sustainable way to get to work.


Sheri Rothe, above


Sheri Rothe, Customer Service Lead (40.01 miles, round trip)

“Riding my bike to work helps me feel energized and ready to take on the day, and I hate traffic.”

Tip: Find a safe, stress-free route and pre-ride it a couple of times. Leave early enough that you don't have to stress about any delays you might encounter.



 Mathias Ihlenfeld, above


Mathias Ihlenfeld, owner and CEO of woomUSA (10.86 miles, round trip)

“I ride to work because I feel a lot more energized during the day and it's a great way to get some exercise in.”  

Tip: Get a bike that you love to ride. Make sure you take care of your bike and have it ready to go the night before so you don't have to worry about things in the morning.



Billy Flores, above


Billy Flores, Operations Manager (5 miles, round trip)

“I love riding my bike to work, as I am able to start the day on a good note, and it helps me sneak in a few miles where I can find mental clarity.”

Tip: Plan, Plan  Plan. Bring a flat kit, bring a change of clothes, obey traffic laws, find a safe bike route, and make sure to always wear a helmet.




Jeff Henry, above 


Jeff Henry, Partner Relations Lead (10.87 miles, round trip)

“I ride my bike to work because it gives me time to ease into the day and helps keep me energized. Biking is also a great way to clear your mind and gives you time to talk to yourself.”

Tip: It is important to have a backup plan and all of the tools necessary to make minor adjustments or fix flats. Practice your route on an off day so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. And remember if you ride to work to bring extra snacks!!!




  Jonathan Hughes, above


Jonathan Hughes, Inventory Analyst (20.34 miles, round trip)

“One hour before work and one hour after work gives me the exercise I need to feel better!”

Tip: When I first started riding I committed to biking to work the entire month of May for National Bike Month. That jump-started my new life. I lost 80 pounds, and now my life is bicycles.




Nico Guzman, right


Nico Guzman, Bike Mechanic (40.30 miles, round trip)

“I love riding bikes and I hate traffic, so biking to work is the perfect combination of the two!”

Tip: Always plan your route ahead and give yourself some extra time to work with in case anything goes wrong. Use google maps to help you plan your route.



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