woom Partners With Buddy Pegs Media for 8-month Coast to Coast “Raise Riders Tour”

woom Partners With Buddy Pegs Media for 8-month Coast to Coast “Raise Riders Tour”

September 19, 2018

This October, Buddy Pegs Media will kick off their Raise Riders Tour, with woom bikes USA on board. “Bicycle Playdates” in more than 14 cities across the U.S. will feature woom demos, fun on-the-bike and off-the-bike activities, and other play-based, outdoor-learning opportunities led by trained Buddy Pegs’ ride leaders.

“We built Bicycle Playdates because we need a national model for helping parents introduce children to cycling at the earliest possible ages. With the advent of balance bikes, kids are riding at 2 years old, so why wait to instruct them, and their parents, on how to develop a life-long love of bicycling?” says Scott Fitzgerald, who with his wife Jannine founded Buddy Pegs Media in 2015. Now, along with their 8-year-old son, the couple is packing up their bikes, moving into a 24-foot motorhome, and heading across the U.S. to promote and build a national cycling curriculum focused on families with children 2 to 5 years old.

“Scott and Jannine at BuddyPegs share our mission at woom of encouraging the love of cycling in children,” says woom’s CEO and owner Mathias Ihlenfeld, “and we are excited about the Buddy Pegs Raise Riders Tour.

“Bicycle Playdate participants can choose from our popular 12" and 14" balance bikes and our 14" and 16" pedal bikes. This will guarantee that any child interested in riding bikes will have a lot of fun and a great experience during the events.”

The tour will launch at the Sonoma Vita Festival in downtown Santa Rosa, California, Oct. 5-7; at the festival, Buddy Pegs Media will host Bicycle Playdates and a Bicycle Playground for families with balance-bike-aged children and early pedalers.

Tour dates will continue across the U.S. through spring 2019:

October 2018 - San Francisco Bay Area

November / December 2018 - Southern California / Las Vegas

January 2019 - Phoenix, AZ

February 2019 - Austin, TX / Dallas, TX / Houston, TX

March 2019 - Tampa, FL / Miami, FL

April 2019 - Bentonville, AR / Monterey, CA

May 2019 - Portland, OR / Seattle, WA

In addition to their boots-on-the-ground efforts to get more families off the couch and out on a cycling adventure, the Fitzgeralds produce popular bike-based podcasts and have published two children’s books about bike-loving dogs and cats in the fictional town of Spokesville.

“We’re basically taking what we’ve learned from the children’s media industry to fuel a movement that’s already underway,” Scott says. “A movement to help families connect with each other in the outdoors. The bicycle just happens to be the ideal vehicle to carry this movement forward!”

Buddy Pegs’ Raise Riders Tour represents an important recruitment effort: young riders, along with their parents, represent the backbone of a national program that’s poised to expand and improve, and bring with it a happier, healthier lifestyle for all. woom is very proud to be along for the ride.

“The whole team at woom bikes USA has been incredibly supportive of our efforts with Buddy Pegs, and we are so fortunate to partner with them again for this tour,” Scott says. “The days of heavy, awkward kids’ bikes are behind us, and woombikes is leading the way with the advancement of children’s bikes globally.”

For more information, contact Scott Fitzgerald, scott@buddypegs.com, 307-690-4818

To book a Bicycle Playdate contact Jannine Fitzgerald, jannine@buddypegs.com, 307-413-2391

About woom

woom is a family owned and operated business offering light-weight and high-quality bicycles for children of all ages.  woom’s attention to detail sets the company apart – from the carefully selected materials and commitment to safety and performance to the first-of-its-kind Up-Cycle program, woom is changing the paradigm of youth cycling.  When it comes to the needs of a child, a woom bike is unmatched.  85% of the bike parts are individually developed and produced exclusively for woom. The bikes are tailor-made for the child's anatomy and needs.  With the never-ending development and research, woom has succeeded in making the woom bike 40% lighter than a conventional children's bike.  woom bikes are designed and developed in Vienna, Austria.  woomUSA was born in 2014 with the desire to bring the same high-quality and light-weight bike models to families in the United States. The North American operations are in Austin, TX.  For more information or to make a purchase, visit us.woombikes.com or contact dave@woombikes.com or call 855-966-6872


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