woom Holiday Gift Guide

woom's Holiday Gift Guide

A bike is one of the most classic, unforgettable gifts a child can receive. Beneath that bright red bow on the handlebars lies a key to magic and adventure; nothing can compare to the pure joy and freedom of being a kid on two wheels.

This holiday season, you’ll find woom’s fleet of high-quality, lightweight bikes ready and waiting to meet their new owners. woom designs bikes for children of all ages, starting with the perfect-for-the-tiniest-tots woom 1 balance bike up to the 26" woom 6 with 8-speed SRAM shifting. Whether your child is ready to start pedaling for the first time or an experienced cyclist, you’ll find the right bike to deck the halls with happiness.

Searching for stocking stuffers? We’ve got those too! At us.woombikes.com, click your woom model to see all the accessories available in that size, or see below for the list Santa’s most cycling-savvy elves made for us.


Safety First!

woom’s USB-chargeable, front and rear bike lights ($39) offer high-powered illumination during evening rides, and great visibility in rain, fog, and other low-light conditions.

A bike bell ($8) is fun and can also be a great way to warn others that your woom rider is approaching or passing. Don’t forget to hang a helmet above the chimney with care, too—the award-winning woom kids helmet ($69) is specifically designed for young riders, with features like extended protection for the temples and back of the head and an easy-to-use magnetic buckle.

Little hands   

Gloves improve a rider’s grip on the handlebars and provide warmth, protection, and an undoubtedly “pro” look. woom’s new limited-edition winter gloves ($19) are well-suited for cold temperatures; woom’s lighter, full-fingered cycling gloves ($15) can be worn year-round. Check out this (very handy!) size template.


To keep thirst at bay, you’ll want a woom water bottle ($9), and the specially designed woom bottle cage ($11) to hold it! (The bottle cage fits woom 2 to 6.)


Protect Your Ride

woom parents know that woom bikes in good condition have a very high resale value. A sturdy, easy-to-carry woom bike lock ($24) protects your investment when you’re out and about; since it’s a code lock, you’ll never have to worry about losing a key!

Adding a kickstand ($19) to your woom bike (3 to 6)—or using a wooden bike stand ($24) for the woom 1 and 2—will help keep the bike cleaner and prevent damage.


For Balance Bikes!

The woom 1 and woom 1 Plus balance bikes love to go everywhere. But the youngest riders make lots of stops to check out the scenery, eat snacks, catch grasshoppers, you name it… You never know when you’ll need to carry rider, bike, and grasshoppers all in one go back home, so a balance bike bag ($19) or balance bike carrying strap ($15) can make at least the transporting-the-bike part much easier and hands-free.   



Learning to pedal on the woom 2 is a breeze, especially if you purchase the optional freewheel kit ($19). (Read about our philosophy on a freewheel vs. coaster brakes.) You can also make learning or improving handling skills more fun and challenging with the woom training set ($16), 10 cones easy to set up and store.


The Taking the Lead children’s book from BuddyPegs, which follows bike-loving dogs Watson and Wrigley through their adventures, incorporates bike learning even when it’s bedtime.   

Fun to Have

woom’s height and growth chart ($5) is an easily removable vinyl sticker that attaches to just about any surface; it will guide you on the correct-fitting woom bike for any child and can also be used to track your child’s growth over time. The woom shirt ($19) isn’t required riding apparel, but it’s as useful as it is fashionable—the back features a genuine cyclist’s banana pocket. In addition to kid sizes starting from 2T, the shirt comes in mom and dad sizes, too, because even adults need banana pockets sometimes!

Real adventurers need proper gear when they go on an adventure with their
woom bike. But where do the snacks go? And what about the stuffed animals
and toys? Also, let’s not forget about all of the beautiful stones and sticks
collected during the trip. That’s where the woom SOFT BASKET comes in.

Made from denim, it doesn’t just look cool, it also provides the woom bike with a lot of storage space. What’s more, thanks to the detachable shoulder belt it’s easily changed into a practical shoulder bag.

  • Fits the woom 1 PLUS, woom 2 and woom 3
  • Rinse wash cotton denim with yellow nylon liner
  • Hook-and-loop fastener to attach it to the handlebar
  • Sticker with instructions on how to attach it to the handlebar
  • Extra belt to use the soft basket as a shoulder bag
  • Measurements: 21cm x 17 cm x 13cm

Happy holidays from woom bikes!

At woom bikes USA, we offer lightweight, high-quality woom bikes for children of all ages, starting at one and half and going up to 14-year-olds.  View all of our bikes and accessories here.   

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