woom Launches Personalized Bike Riding Classes in Austin

woom bikes now offers riding instruction for both new and experienced children riders.

Instruction is provided in Austin, Texas, by Doug Ballew, a certified League Cycling Instructor with 25 years of experience teaching children to ride safely. Utilizing best-practice techniques, Learn to Ride lessons teach children the skills needed to balance, start, stop, and maneuver safely. For experienced, older children riders, Learn to Ride Better instruction focuses on how to safely ride for transportation and recreation on neighborhood streets, trails, and paths.

For all sessions, a woom bike, helmet, and gloves are provided. Or, if the child has a woom bike already, they are welcome to ride their own. All sessions are held in the Mueller Neighborhood.

Learn to Ride Sessions

Learning to ride a bike doesn’t have to take a long time. In fact, through our proven, best-practice instructional techniques on high-quality woom bikes, most children learn to balance and glide during the first session.


For new riders, the 90-minute session begins with the basic skill of balancing and progresses at the pace of the student to skills such as starting, pedaling, straight-line riding, hazard avoidance, braking, and cornering. Sessions are one on one or can be customized for one or more siblings. Most new riders progress quickly over three or more sessions while becoming competent, confident riders.

Learn to Ride Better Sessions

For riders age 10 and up with several years of experience riding a bike, instruction focuses on riding for transportation and recreation. The 90-minute session provides instruction in a quiet neighborhood environment with bike lanes and calm traffic. Rules of the road, lane positioning, signaling for turns, hazard avoidance, route selection, and more are covered. A parent or guardian is required to ride along and can also learn how to safely ride with their child. An adult bike and a helmet are included if needed.

For all instruction, rates are $90 per 90-minute session for one child, plus $60 for each additional sibling.

To schedule a lesson, email doug.ballew@woombikes.com