Upcycle and Sustainability: Supporting Trips for Kids

The cost of a product isn’t limited to what we pay out of pocket for it.  As our world faces the increasingly urgent challenge of balancing consumption with the conservation of finite resources, what’s the value of goods that can be reused or recycled?

Budget-store bikes with low-grade components can rarely be repaired or resold. Even with very little use, their journey ends very quickly in a landfill.

woom bikes are meticulously designed to help kids learn and love to ride. They’re also designed to last. Many woom bikes are passed down within families to younger siblings; others are resold, often for a substantial portion of their purchase price.

woom also offers the upCycle membership program—customers return their woom bike when their children are ready for the next size up, and can then apply 40 percent of the previous purchase price to a new woom bike. woom donates a portion of upCycled bikes to charity, partnering with more than a dozen nonprofit organizations throughout North America.    

Trips for Kids

woom recently began a new partnership with Trips for Kids, donating UpCycled bikes to the Marin chapter’s Re-Cyclery program in San Rafael, California. The Re-Cyclery refurbishes used bikes and resells them to the public, aiming not only to keep bikes out of landfills but to get them back on the streets as affordable, environmentally friendly transportation.

Most proceeds of the Re-Cyclery bike shop are used to support Trips for Kids Marin's recycling program and their earn-a-bike program for economically disadvantaged children.

Trips for Kids has 75 chapters in 25 states and 4 Canadian provinces; the Marin chapter is the oldest and largest, founded in 1988. Trips for Kids is best known for its trail rides program, which serves children in urban environments who have limited opportunities to experience the outdoors.

“You never know whether on any one trip you could have changed a kid’s life,” says Andy Phelps, Trips for Kids national support and sponsorship manager. “Just by exposing them to something that they never would have had an opportunity to do in their life.”  



Why We Chose Trips for Kids

woom bikes USA founder and CEO Mathias Ihlenfeld, pictured below, explains that social responsibility and sustainability are important parts of woom’s philosophy as a company.

 “We’re excited to donate our upCycled bikes to organizations like Trips for Kids, which has a 30-year history of helping the communities and kids who most need it,” Ihlenfeld says.

 “At woom, we focus on quality, weight, size, and fit. We want to make it easy for kids and their families to learn and explore and have great experiences on bikes. We’re proud of the fact that our bikes are made so well that they can be handed down several times.”

Why Trips for Kids Chose Us

woom bikes are made of lightweight aluminum that doesn’t rust. And unlike budget-store bikes with non-industry-standard parts, woom bikes are made of high-grade components and can easily be serviced at bike shops or at home. Discount kids bikes are also often twice the weight of woom bikes, which can make a crucial difference in a rider’s learning experience and enjoyment.   

Phelps, who worked in the bike industry for roughly 20 years before joining Trips for Kids’ staff in 2009, compares switching from a budget-store bike to a woom to taking off a weighted running vest. “You see it in the kids’ faces,” he says. “They’re on these junky little Spiderman bikes—that’s how they sell bikes at department stores, they sell Spiderman and Barbie and stuff like that, but they’re selling the bikes based on characters the kids like from cartoons, not on the quality. The kid might like the Spiderman bike at the store, but as soon as he gets on the woom, he’s never going to touch the Spiderman bike again.”

“We don’t have to ask why less parents are choosing to buy discount-store bikes,” Ihlenfeld says. “They find that their kids don’t enjoy riding them and that they’re quickly thrown away. No matter what the price is, you’ve paid too much for something if it’s not used at all!”

At woom bikes USA, we offer lightweight, high-quality woom bikes for children of all ages, starting at one and half and going up to 14-year-olds.  View all of our bikes and accessories here.   



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