Where Can I Find a Used woom Bike?

If you’re looking for a used woom, you’re not alone—and that’s the problem. Demand is high. The best advice is to start searching early and patiently. Check sites like craigslist, Pinkbike, eBay, and Nextdoor. Get involved in your local cycling scene, especially events that include kids’ competitions or rides, and get to know parents who might soon be looking to purchase the next size up. 


Most woom bikes are sold by word of mouth or to friends. If woom bikes are listed online, you’ll need to be prepared to make a decision quickly—often they’ll sell within a few days or even a few hours.   


Does woom Sell Used Bikes?

woom receives many inquiries about whether we sell used, refurbished, or upcycled bikes. Periodically we sell used demo bikes through our showroom, to Learn to Ride Partners, and for customer service needs. Our upcycled bikes are donated to local elementary schools and charities; over the years, woom USA has partnered with organizations like the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative, The Center for Cycling Education, Pedal it Forward, CYCLE Kids, PedalPower Kids, Off the Couch, Wishful Wheels (pictured below) and Helping Hand Home.

Though our company doesn’t manage or track used woom sales, we’ve noticed a trend that’s good for our customers and testament to the value of our product: a used woom bike can sell for ¾ (or more) of its purchase price.


Pricing Example:

The MSRP (not including tax) of a woom 2 is $339. In a recent search, we found four listings for woom 2 bikes in good or very good condition. The asking price (not including the cost of shipping) ranged between $240 and $280. 

$339 MSRP -$240 to $280 resale = $59 to $99 cost of ownership

*The average cost of a 14" bike at a discount store is $90. Discount-store bikes, lacking woom’s quality components, durability, and kid-friendly features, can rarely be resold.


Resale Value

A key factor in woom’s resale value is our consistent pricing throughout the year. Many bike shops have popular year-end or holiday sales that offer 10-15% off certain models—this can be a great incentive to buy, but it also means an immediate depreciation in value for the owners looking to sell. woom never has sales or discounts.

And though we’re always improving our bikes detail by detail, we’re not coming up with new names for them every few months. The model structure is simple—we offer the woom 1 and woom 1 plus balance bikes, and then the woom 2, woom 3, woom 4, woom 5 and woom 6 pedal bikes, each corresponding to wheel size. Potential buyers know exactly what to look for.

We recognize that cost is an important consideration for families of young children, and that children grow quickly. woom builds durable, dependable, intricately-customized-for-kids bikes that can be handed down to siblings or easily resold and reused again and again. We also offer the upCYCLE membership program as an option—woom will refund 40% of the purchase price of your older model when you purchase a new woom bike.


Design Choices

We have a high opinion of our products, but we’d describe very few, if any, of our signature features as luxuries. Every design choice prioritizes a child’s learning and riding experience.

For example, woom bikes are often half or less the weight of their discount-store counterparts. woom bikes offer the option of rim brakes (hand brakes), which many customers prefer over the coaster brakes (foot brakes) found on virtually all discount-store bikes.

If we were to sum up our experience and the feedback we’ve received from our customers, we’d say this:  The choice of a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver bike that a young rider feels comfortable and confident on can make the difference between a child loving to ride or leaving a discount-store bike to gather dust in the garage. 

Parents who would like to make the most of their investment, beyond the pure joy of their child’s riding experience, can use the woom bike as a teaching tool: Care for it well—use the kickstand, always wash and maintain your woom, take pride in it—and one day you can pass that same experience on in mint condition (and at a maximum return value) to the next woom rider.

At woom bikes USA, we offer lightweight, high-quality woom bikes for children of all ages, starting at one and half and going up to 14-year-olds.  View all of our bikes and accessories here.   



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