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woom 3 SRAM (2-Speed) AUTOMATIX, Limited Edition

Most of us remember the first time we rode a bike, but can you remember the first time you rode a bike with gears? We asked ourselves here at woom what we could do to help introduce gears to kids. Now, in our search to find the perfect wheels for the woom 3, we’ve found the answer.

The SRAM AUTOMATIX 2 (select it from the drop-down menu) hub is the boost that kids have been waiting for. It’s the perfect introduction to gears; all they have to do is keep pedaling! 

As soon as their feet get moving fast enough, the hub shifts gears for them. It’s as simple as that. The design is hands-free, keeping your child’s focus on the road. On top of that, the hub functions as a learning tool. The mechanism also teaches them timing. When they feel the bike change gears, children are passively learning how to time their shifts. Without ever touching a shifter, they can go faster, ride smoother, and move up to their next bike with total confidence. By the time the controls are in their hands, they’ll be ready for any adventure! The 2-speed automatic shifting operates via mechanical centrifugal clutch. It is a 136% step from first to second gear. The sensation is comparable to a single upshift on a geared bike. The shift occurs at around 7 mph. The hub adds a little less than 2 lbs. to the overall weight of the bicycle as compared to a traditional hub. Order it today while supplies last. 

Mathias Ihlenfeld April 07, 2017 0 tags (show)