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Woom 1 Reviews


Natalie rates the woom 1 the Top Pick and Exceptional:

Bottom Line: Perfection from top to bottom, the WOOM1 is the cream of the crop for kids in size 18-month to kids transitioning into 3T clothes.  The WOOM1 will be too small for kids who are close to transitioning out of 3T clothes as they will outgrow once they are in size 5 clothes.

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 Karen and Little POG give it four thumbs up

The Verdict

Little POG and I give the WOOM 1 balance bike four thumbs up! It is well worth the money if you purchase the bike early; the design allows you to start using the bike from 18 months until 4 years old. I would also recommend this bike to families that do a lot of dirt and gravel trails as the frame, rubber tires, and ChromMoly fork absorb some of the bumps. We tested the bike on paved, dirt, and gravel and it was great on all terrain.

 Colin concludes that the woom 1 is pushing balance bikes to a new standard

We are a big fan of balance bikes.  We are also fans of quality made bikes that are well designed and well thought out.  At first glance, the Woom 1 looks different.  It’s low step through and bright coloured frame definitely catches your attention.  When you look closer you start to see all the details of this little machine.  From one feature to the next, the bike seems to be pushing balance bikes to a new standard: Alloy frame/stem/rims, sealed bearings, steering limiter, kid friendly lever v brake, small diameter bar/grips, padded seat, and a quick release seat post- all in a 7.7 lb package for $199.

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Melissa loves her two woom bikes

When the bikes arrived, we were just as excited as the kids were.  They were wrapped extremely well and were fully assembled, thankfully.  The Giant just had to adjust the handlebars and seat heights.  He was impressed with the quality, which we were happy about since I admit, these bikes are not inexpensive.  But in this case, you get what you pay for.  Woom seriously designed this bike around toddlers – big handlebar grips, easy-to-reach handbrakes for little hands, and recessed hardware throughout to avoid snags on clothing.  It even has a steering angle limiter to prevent the handle bars from swinging around backwards.

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Paul shows tells us more about the balance bike and the transition to pedal bikes

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