Making the World Better Together - #woomgives 2021

#woomgives is more than a hashtag—it’s our way of making the world shine a little brighter and helping kids, well, be kids. It’s our dream to get a woom in the hands of every kiddo out there. Why? Because a bike isn’t just a bike. It’s a way to empower children. Anything is possible when you have two wheels to trail along on. Through our #woomgives initiative (which is pedaled by your endless love and support!), we’re steadily treading toward making our wish come true.

It may be the season of giving, but we believe in giving back year-round. Here’s a recap of what you’ve helped us accomplish in 2021.

A Look Back at 2021

This year, we’ve been able to donate more than 500 bikes to children across the country. That’s 500 plus pairs of little feet that are now able to put the pedals to the pavement. We’ve been making our mark (or we guess you could say, leaving tire tracks) in communities near and far.

Our home city of Austin, Texas is just one of the places we’ve been able to make an impact. We’d like to give a special shoutout to our friends over at 100BikesForKids for teaming up with us time after time. 100BikesForKids may sound like a big name, but there are just a few people behind it! The family-run program is on a mission to bring the joy of cycling to kiddos all over the city. Together, with 100BikesForKids, we’ve been able to donate our beloved bikes to groups and events such as the Texas School for the Deaf, Colony Park Bike Bash, and Austin Voices.

We’ve also been able to make an impact by partnering with our longtime pals and neighbors over at Ghisallo. Ghisallo is a cycling initiative that’s dedicated to helping people access the world by bike. For an up-close look at Ghisallo and its founder, check out our recent blog.

Another nearby organization we have a great passion for is Austin Angels, our city’s sector of the countrywide organization National Angels. Their mission is to walk alongside children, youth, and families in the foster care community by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship. By donating bikes to the young ones involved with Austin Angels and National Angels, we can guarantee there are smiles for miles.

As we mentioned, our donations have spanned more than just the city of Austin. A bike can take you pretty far—even all the way to California. In this case, it was a whole fleet of bikes that took us there. We were able to donate bikes to Wishful Wheels and Family Freeride, both nonprofit organizations.

St Louis, Missouri also became home to a new bunch of bikes. We had the pleasure of donating wooms to foster kids through FamilyForward, an organization focused on leading the community by providing innovative solutions for advancing safer, healthier relationships for children and families.

The best part is, that’s just the highlight reel. There are even more kids all over the US that are now able to woom and zoom around on two wheels. So, keep your eyes peeled! There might just be a young one saddling up for their very first ride somewhere near you.

How You’ve Helped

Guess what? You may be helping us make a difference without even knowing it. The bikes we donate are the very bikes that have inspired your kids to love to ride. Yes—the very bikes. It’s your contributions to the upCYCLING program that allow us to empower kiddos one set of wheels at a time. The woom you trade in when it’s time to size up gets quality checked (and of course, spruced up if needed) before making another child’s eyes shine bright. And let us tell you, there’s nothing quite like the sight of a kiddo getting to call a bike their own for the very first time.

With the year wrapping up, we want to give you a BIG thank you for continuously helping us steer toward our dream of empowering children everywhere. Happy holidays from woom to you and yours—we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together in the coming year! Here’s to a bright 2022.

Looking to get involved or give back to the organizations that are near and dear to our heart? Click below to learn more about each initiative and how you can take part! Follow us and #woomgives on Instagram to see what’s to come.

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