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The woom UP is here! Our all new, superlight e-bike has landed and is ready for your Rider to take it for a spin. We’ve been working on this for a while now and are thrilled that your young one can now add some extra energy to their adventures through the magic of the UP e-bike.


All thriller, no filler—the electric blue woom UP drops into all sorts of terrain for an elevated experience that gives kids a reason to spend all day outdoors. Once your child starts riding, they’ll never want to quit putting the pedal to the metal.


Whether you’re looking to cut out the car on short family trips through the neighborhood, explore more intense trails, or reach that summit that previously seemed unreachable—the woom UP is here and ready to provide the ride of a lifetime.


You may be wondering what makes a child-friendly e-bike and what goes into its complex drive system. Let’s take a closer look at the latest bike to join our ranks.

The Drive System

The woom UP is equipped with the innovative Evation drive system from FAZUA, which is known for its lean, lightweight motor design and battery integration. Here’s why we chose FAZUA:



Combined, the motor and battery have a total weight of just 7.3 lbs. This allowed us to keep with our superlight, child-friendly mentality—in other words, you can expect this bike to be super lightweight just like our others! Your kiddo will have exceptional handling and confidence-inspiring abilities with this one.


Children have a much lower pedaling power output than adults, which means a standard motor could be overpowering. The high-quality FAZUA motor shows its true (and beautiful!) colors here. Impeccably engineered, the motor delivers consistent power on climbs, in the face of headwinds, and delivers pedaling assistance without surges or interruptions. All of this makes for a natural-feeling, stress-free ride.

For safety reasons, the pedal-assist switches off above 12 miles per hour. To ride any quicker than this, the bike relies on human power alone—strong leg muscles help here!


The motor and battery assembly can easily be removed for quick recharges. Recharge the battery by plugging the charging cable into the battery and then connecting to a power source—it’s as easy as that! Once you pop the battery back in, the bike battery has an average range of 30 to 50 miles with 4,920’ of climbing. Note: this figure fluctuates depending on a number of factors, like your child’s weight, choice of pedal-assist mode, and route profile.


Oversized downtubes are a thing of the past! Kids care about their bike’s appearance and style matters. The compact motor and battery assembly is subtly integrated into the downtube without interfering with the UP’s sleek and sophisticated frame profile. Of course, the bike wouldn’t be complete without the distinctive woom branding featured on the downtube.



Up the fun factor even more with the free FAZUA Rider app, which gives your child the flexibility to fine-tune the power modes, monitor the motor’s data (power output, remaining range, etc.) and record all the stats during a ride, including distance, speed and elevation.



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The 250 watt motor is switched on with the touch of a button on the top tube. It’s powered by a 250 Wh battery, and only provides pedal-assist when your child is pedaling.


The motor provides three modes of assistance, with stylish LEDs on the top tube that display the current mode: off (white), slow (green), medium (blue), and fast (pink). It’s super intuitive and easy to operate.


The battery life is also displayed through LEDs on the top tube—the more they’re illuminated, the more battery life remaining. Given such a clear display, your child will always be able to check their current assistance mode and state of the battery.



Taking its design and performance cues from the woom OFF and the woom OFF AIR, the UP’s build also centers on your child’s ride experience, which directed our decisions about geometry, components, and overall build. Each individual part has been developed and selected for its ergonomics, anatomical appropriateness, and off-road capabilities.


Weight is a key consideration. Our ambition was to create a bike that’s as light as possible and that handles smoothly so that your child can maneuver it safely and confidently. A heavy bike would simply be hard work and no fun. The woom UP 5 weighs in at a lean 35 pounds, while the woom UP 6 is a trim 37 pounds.


With a low center of gravity, long wheelbase, and a slack head angle, the frame’s geometry provides stability and agility.

The lightweight airsprung suspension fork with 80 mm of travel on the woom UP 5 and 90 mm on the woom UP 6 allows you to alter the air pressure depending on your child’s weight and the day’s terrain. The fork’s bump sensitivity helps smooth out the trail to minimize fatigue and maximize flow plus keeps the wheels in better contact with the ground for added stability, safety and comfort. You can also lock-out the fork for more efficient climbing.

Thanks to the flip-flop stem, the handlebar height can be adjusted according to your child’s comfort.

The super wide, knobby Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires are lightweight and versatile and provide an optimal grip and enough rolling resistance to give your child a great mix of control and speed.

Designed with a large foot platform and small metal studs, your child gets ultimate grip with the robust flat pedals. In tricky situations, flat pedals are significantly safer for children than clipless ones because they are able to put their feet down on the ground faster.

The bars are also tailored for your child:


The handlebar grips have child-friendly dimensions with a narrow diameter. Made of silicon, they are comfortable and provide a consistent handhold even in wet weather.


The brake levers are adjustable so that you can set the reach specifically for your child’s hands. As kids with e-bikes are likely to ride farther ahead and faster, powerful disc brakes are vital to bring your child safely to a stop with minimal effort.


The trigger shifter is easy to operate and the 11-speed SRAM NX rear derailleur provides precise, efficient, and tactile shifting.


For kids 7-14 years old, it’s time for e-adventures to begin! Depending on your child’s height, choose between the woom UP 5 and the woom UP 6 with either 24" or 26" wheels. Start heading UP from here to enjoy the added tailwind and fresh, fatigue-free legs!



Where will your first e-powered adventure take you?


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