Family Bike Trips: Formulating the Perfect Plan

Memorial Day is a beautiful opportunity to talk with your children in an age-appropriate way about how this day is to honor those who sacrificed to keep our country free and safe. It also provides a little more family time at the end of the school year or beginning of summer where your family can jump on bikes and go for a ride together!


What are the key ingredients to making the best out of a family bike trip? For many older kids, beautiful scenery or a fun challenge may be ideal. But for younger kids just starting out, it pays to be prepared for anything. Even if it means frequent stops and snacks, the goal is to make a great memory so your kiddos get excited about the next time they hop on their bike.


The best adventures strike a balance between spontaneity and planning and preparation. With that in mind, here are our top ideas for a successful (and memorable!) family bike trip.

Bring the Basics


While it might seem like second nature, don’t overlook the basics! While you as a caregiver might be fine to hop on the bike trail with just your water bottle and your house key, bringing the whole family on a bike trip calls for a little extra planning. Packing the necessities can make all the difference for a great (and safe!) day out on the trails. Don’t forget the following:

      • Helmets: Safety first!
                  • Water bottles and snacks: No matter the temperature outside or the length of the bike ride, water bottles and snacks are necessary in case of thirsty kiddos and hungry bellies!
                  • Sunscreen: During warm sunny days, sunscreen is a vital tool for comfortability and avoiding sunburns. Lightweight long-sleeve shirts and sunglasses can also do the trick!
                  • Bug spray: The bugs are back. And nobody wants itchy bug bites!
                  • A fully charged phone: Bringing your phone is crucial in case you get lost and need redirection or you want to snap a few photos of your fun family outing. (And when you do snap a photo, don’t forget to share your #woommagicmoments on Instagram!)
                  • Tools for a flat tire: Just in case! No one plans to get a flat tire, but when you do its far worse when you’re unprepared. Whenever going more than a few miles from home, always carry a spare tube, a few tire levers, and a small portable air pump.
                  • Apparel: Be sure to dress for the current weather, but also plan for the unexpected. If there’s a sudden change in temperature or it starts to rain, make sure the appropriate clothing is on hand and not in the closet at home. The woom NOW bike even has a rack for backpacks, perfect to store extra gear!

Pick the Perfect Spot and the Perfect Bike


What route are you envisioning for your famiy biking trip? Be sure to take into consideration the weather, the distance, and your group. The best way to find “just right” for the whole family is to spend time planning and considering how best to keep every member of your crew happy and motivated.


Make sure the challenges are age-appropriate. Round-trip routes are ideal. Avoid big hills, unless you have e-bikes or strong Riders. However, kids love variety, so a mix of scenery and surfaces can be fun by throwing in some gravel paths or dirt trails!


You know your family: Will they love a specific activity as a bike ride destination? Or is the journey the destination?

For younger kids who will be excited to bike to a fun spot, start by targeting family locales like parks, natural areas, swimming pools, libraries and bookstores, a favorite restaurant, the movie theater, or even just a pleasant spot by the water. The woom ORIGINAL is a great fit for all kids and ideal for where most Riders take them.

Are your kids eager to hit the trails? Local bike trails can lead to exciting challenges and gorgeous views. Tougher trails can be tackled with the woom OFF and OFF AIR. They are lightweight and durable, great for both kiddos new to mountain biking and those who have been off-road riding for years.

For those elevation-gaining endeavors, you’ll want to equip your Rider with the woom UP. It’s the perfect e-mountain bike for tough, steep trails that lets kids go farther, faster!


Bonus: the woom UP has an intelligent drive system built with child-specific components so they can navigate complex trails safely, smoothly, and easily.

Some trips call for bikes ready for anything. Maybe you’re riding on a trail for a picnic, to a farmer’s market, or bringing the soccer ball to the park. For rides like these, the woom NOW is a great fit! The woom NOW features a cargo rack, fenders fit for rainy days, integrated lights for dusk rides, and a built-in bell, too.

If you do get out and ride on Memorial Day itself, consider riding to a parade or local event that honors those who have died in U.S. military service. In an age-appropriate manner, share with your children what the day means to you and ask them about what it means to them.

The Best Part: Snacks!


Food may be an important aspect of a long bike ride for those hungry kids. But what should you bring? You have several options!


Pack a full picnic, or choose “pick-me-up” snacks that won’t be heavy but will still provide plenty of energy for the journey. Options including fruit, granola bars, sandwiches, sliced ​​vegetables, and non-carbonated drinks are fantastic choices.


Items that can quickly melt in the heat, lose their shape, or be easily crushed or bruised in your backpack should be avoided (or you can protect some foods by carrying them in hard containers). A special treat that you save only for bike rides provides a great incentive if you have some unwilling participants in your group.

Leader of the Pack


For young kids and teens, ownership can be very motivating. Let your children pick stopping points or the end destination.


Before you head out, make sure everyone is geared up. From the planned destination to the route to pit stops, knowledge is power and can prevent the group from getting separated or lost.


Everyone should familiarize themselves with labeling systems and landmarks on the route. For example, talk about important turns or places where extra care should be taken, such as a busy intersection.


Once your family bike trip is underway, let the kids take turns being the first rider in the group, and/or give them unique responsibilities. They could be responsible for finding a certain waypoint, choosing a place to stop and have a snack, or leading a particular section on the path.

With planning and preparing for the perfect family bike trip, your kids can marvel at the winding trails, grass, and flowers, rather than a video game screen or a TV show. Goodbye, screen time — hello, wheel time! Keeping your kids active and allowing them to experience nature is great for health and development.

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