Bike Availability & Pre-Order Update

woom community,


We hope you are having a fun and safe summer and enjoying this special time with your family on two wheels. Cycling participation in the United States has continued to grow, and there has been a considerable surge in kids riding bikes. Together, we have fostered an unprecedented number of kids to fall in love with riding a bike this year. And, through our #woomgives COVID-19 campaign, you helped us set giveback records for families in need and those serving the community. We are so grateful for the support and impact of the woom community and beyond. 


This cycling boom has created an industry-wide shortage of bikes, and the demand for woom bikes is currently far greater than what we projected for 2020. In addition, COVID-19 has significantly impacted our supply chain and the ability to produce new bikes for this year. As a result, we are currently out of stock of all woom bike models. With valuable feedback from the woom community, we have been working behind the scenes to put together an entirely new process so you can know when you can expect to pre-order and receive specific woom bike models. 


Our promise to you is to continue to learn and improve; this is the same philosophy we apply towards product innovation and your experience interacting with us. Our new pre-order process is a direct result of the responses we have received from you. We'll keep listening and look forward to supporting your kid's woom riding adventures.


An update on how ordering bikes will work moving forward:


• We have introduced official wait times for all woom bike models so you know when you can expect to pre-order and receive a specific bike. Wait times are projected based on the information that we currently have on future bike shipments and the number of people subscribed to restock notifications. Click here for the Product Availability Chart detailing expected wait times once you have signed up for restock alerts. 


• To receive a notification to pre-order, you will need to subscribe to restock notifications for the specific bike model you are interested in purchasing. To sign up, click “Notify Me When Available” on the product page of the item you are interested in, enter your email address and submit your request. We will send you an email to pre-order based on the chronological order you are on the list for a specific bike model.


• Once a bike becomes available for you based on your position on the restock alert list for a specific model, we will send an email to you with instructions on how to place your order for this model.


If you have not already, we recommend subscribing now for restock notifications for the specific model(s) you are interested in buying this year. Some bike models are not available to pre-order until October for November delivery, and we anticipate many bike models will sell out by October. 


We understand it feels a bit early to be thinking about holiday gifts for your kiddos. Given what we know about the inventory availability and the current demand, we want to be upfront with our predictions, so you have the information you need to plan accordingly for future woom bike purchases.


Click the bike model(s) you are interested in below to subscribe


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