Back to School Tips from woom Bikes

Back to School Tips from woom bikes

 Another long, hot summer is coming to a close, and soon it’ll be time to head back to school. Are you ready? 


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Check the Bike

As you’re checking all those important to-do’s off your list for the new school year, like buying school supplies and scheduling last-minute dentist appointments, make sure your child’s bike is in good working order. If needed, give the bike a thorough cleaning, visit your local bike shop for maintenance, or even size up to the next bike if the time is right. And anytime you head out for a ride, don’t forget to do a quick and easy ABCD check.  


Photo by Nina Ly




Ride Supplies

Some ride accessories are essentials—a quality helmet, for example. Others are great for commuting to school by bike (bike lights, locks, racks, water bottles and bottle cages, bells, eye protection like clear safety glasses or sunglasses, backpacks) or are important as the weather begins to transition to fall (gloves, rain jackets and windbreakers, hats or ear warmers). Stock up in advance on what you’ll need for your rides, including easy-to-pack snacks and clothing layers.  


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Returning to Routine

School days often mean settling back into a much more predictable routine. Schedule in some ride time, whether it’s an after-school playdate on two wheels with friends or a commitment to commuting to and from school by bike. Just remember that even a return to the same routines as last year can be rocky at first—especially for early-morning commuting, allow extra time the first week or couple of weeks. 


Photo by Nina Ly


Commuting by Bike

New to commuting? Check out our Commuting Bikes With Kids 101 post. If you’re an old hand at commuting with your kids there’s still work to be done, however. Review your route: have there been any changes to traffic patterns or road infrastructure? Will you still be dropping off and picking up in the same locations? Consider giving it a test run before the first day of school, and go over safety tips, even if your kids have heard them a million times before, because they’ll be excited about the new school year and may have forgotten problem areas or important considerations along the route. Have questions? Many woom employees are dedicated bike commuters themselves and are happy to help. Email us at or call us at 855-966-6872.





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