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at home with the zierings: Learning to Ride a Bike-By Ian

Excerpt:  At five years old it was time to get a bigger bike. I did a lot of research online to find the perfect bike, I was not happy with the heavy beginner bike with the impossible to squeeze hand brake I first got.  I knew there must be something purposely built for little kids, not just look like it.  I found a little bike company called Woom. Their bikes are built with a focus on creating confident riders by using very light weight materials and usable mechanical parts designed for little ones. They come in several sizes, and each one allows for growth in size, and ability. Mia popped the kickstand, threw a leg over and took off with a scream. The bike uses front and rear hand brakes to slow and stop. The brake levers are built in such a way that little hands can reach them while holding that handle bars, but more importantly, they can squeeze them to brake. A luxury in appearance on her Frozen bike, but made practical on her Woom bike. So much of becoming a good bike rider is becoming a good bike stopper. Mia flies on this thing! Like anything, I feel so proud to have taught my daughter to ride a bike.

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