A Bond Created Through Biking - A woom Journey

Kathleen Glover and her two boys, Hudson and Fisher, love getting outdoors. And we’re sure you can guess their favorite way to explore—via bike! Hudson (age 4) is the proud Rider of a woom 4, and Fisher (age 6) saddles up on a woom 6 when adventure calls.


We sat down with Kathleen to hear all the heartfelt stories of her and her boys. From how they got started on balance bikes to how they’ve progressed from one woom to the next—we were lucky enough to capture it all. Now we want to share it with you! Time for a little Q&A.

When did your kiddos start riding?

They both started on balance bikes before we found woom. They were 11 months the first time they hopped on a bike. They would even zoom around the airport. I would carry the bikes right before boarding the plane and just stash them in the overhead compartment. After Fisher outgrew balance bikes, I started looking all over for something new.

How did you first hear about woom?

We were searching all over for the best bike. I talked to every company to see about size and fit. I dove into the world of kids’ bikes headfirst. After searching and searching, we landed on woom. Coming from a different bike brand and jumping on a woom, you think: ‘Wow, this bike was made for me. It fits my bone structure, fits my reach—woom has been really thoughtful about design.’

Fisher started on a woom 4, and Hudson started on a woom 2. What has their progression from one woom to the next been like?

Hudson’s made the biggest transitions. He started on a woom 2 when he was 2. We’d made it into a balance bike at that point by removing the pedals, but the pedals were never far away. As soon as he hopped on his woom 2, I knew he’d be pedaling any day, so I always had them with me. My husband would laugh because I’d keep the pedals in the glovebox of the car. We were camping one weekend and Hudson was like, ‘I want to pedal!’ We screwed the pedals on and he was gone! He’s been unstoppable since that point. We put him on a woom 3 just before he turned three. It was an amazing bike for him again. He could bump over more obstacles, but still just riding a bike that’s only 13 pounds. He rode the heck out of that bike from three to three and a half. He started needing a bigger wheel size to keep up. We went for the woom 4 ORIGINAL instead of the woom OFF 4 since it’s a bit smaller. He rides the woom 4 ORIGINAL today!

Hudson is on a woom 4 now and Fisher started on one when y’all joined the woom family. How were their transitions to geared bikes?

They learned to ride with gears by riding with mom and dad. We added Mac Rides to our own bikes and they would hold onto the handlebars with us. We would talk about terrain as we went and say, ‘OK we need to shift.’ Even at 12 months. We’d call it a ‘hill smash’ if we needed an easy gear and a “speed click” when going uphill. The boys still call out hill smash and speed click today! Learning to ride with us made it an easy transition when they were ready for woom 4s.

What do the boys like about woom?

They’re bright and fun. woom looks like a bag of Skittles. And especially if they ride them, sometimes it’s not even the look of the bike, it’s when they get on them. Some big box bikes can look cool to a kid but it can lead to frustration when they get on it. They just know it feels right. They’ve ridden all sorts of bikes. The lightness of the bike makes a huge difference.

What’s your favorite biking memory?

When they can’t get enough of a skill. Pedaling and jumping, or just riding together, being so happy, talking to me while they’re riding. ‘Mom, fun spot coming up!’ Being with them out there, hearing them talk to each other and cheer each other on. Biking gives them a way to be brothers in another sweet way. Whether they crash or fall doing something new that’s difficult, they’re the first cheering each other on. It gives them this bond.

Kathleen’s journey with woom tugged at our heart strings!

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