8 Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Kids

With spring comes buzzing bees, vibrant fields of flowers, and the fresh scent of greener days ahead. It’s the perfect time of year to plant new seeds of joy and fun–especially with the kiddos. For youngsters, sunny days mean adventures, imagination, and non-stop play. And there’s no better way to enjoy outdoor fun than to celebrate Earth Day. We have eight ways for you to do just that by hopping on your bike and going for a ride!


Bicycling is a great way to celebrate Earth Day, spread smiles, and promote a healthy lifestyle for both you and the little ones. The day itself — Friday, April 22 — reminds us that we can live greener simply by swapping the gas pedal for a bike. Farewell pollution, hello blue skies.


Kids mimic what they see, so biking to school or grabbing a scoop (or three) of tasty ice cream can make a wheel difference. Eco-friendly habits will become a natural part of your little one’s routine, helping build a better tomorrow. Once you’ve given the bikes a spring tune-up, here’s some inspiration to help you and your Rider feel more connected with nature, create new memories, and crank up the fun.

1. Pedal to the Playground

When you’re heading to the park or playground, swap the car ride for a bike ride! The prospect of swings, slides, and monkey bars will certainly motivate the kiddos to hop on their bikes and cycle their way towards giggles and play.

Configure a safe route through your neighborhood or grab your city’s bike map, and aim to pedal your way to as many playgrounds as possible. You’d be surprised just how far your little one can ride when the destination is the jungle gym. Make it a day-long adventure by packing a few snacks or sandwiches for lunch to refuel and keep bellies happy.

2. Cycle to After-School Activities

Whether your kiddo is an aspiring musician heading to piano lessons or a promising young athlete heading to softball practice, change up the typical after-school activity commute with a bike ride! The woom NOW makes riding to after-school activities easy with a front rack that can hold a backpack or sports equipment.


Cycling to your kiddo's routine activities is a small swap that can make a big impact on sustainability. It’s a great way to show your kids how to make biking part of their daily schedules by reducing those extra car trips.

3. Bike to Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner, too!)

If your family is heading out to a restaurant, go the sustainable route and bike over! Not only is biking to your favorite dining spots a healthy choice for the Earth but also it’s a way to showcase balance and healthy habits. Plus, adding the fun of a bike ride makes a typical meal a little more special and adventurous.


Saturday breakfast is a great way to get started. Make biking a weekend morning ritual by riding to your local breakfast spot. You can visit the diner for some scrambled eggs one weekend and try that new juice bar on your next trip. It’s an adventurous and practical way to pencil in some quality family time while encouraging wellness through exercise.

4. A Bike Camping Getaway

Yes, you read that right: bike camping! If you’re planning a quick getaway, like a night out of town or a weekend trip, swap the highway stress for a local outdoor adventure. It’s a great way to keep the car off the roads and shows little ones the joy of nature.


Now, before you write this one off as too complicated for your family, hear us out. Just picture it — a family getaway where no one asks, “Are we there yet?”


Pack your sleeping bags and bike over to a local campground for a mini-getaway. For families with the youngest Riders or who aren’t quite ready for a State Park or other campground, sleep under the stars at grandma and grandpa’s backyard — you can even drop off sleeping bags and a tent in advance.


Need to build up to a full overnight but still want to hit the trails? Bike to some hiking trails where you can explore the wilderness with your Rider.

5. Bike to School

Instead of driving to school, gear up! Grab your bikes and show them the freedom and joy of cycling to the classroom with them. For older kiddos, encourage them to sync up with friends and bike to and from school with their pals. The woom NOW bike even has a rack for backpacks!  


You’re not only teaching your little ones about sustainability but also helping them establish healthy habits. If your 9-year-old feels empowered to bike to school, they’ll feel empowered to bike to work when they’re 29 years old.


Try starting with one day a week. As time goes on, biking will become a welcome part of the weekly routine. You can even build some anticipation around it! Share a fun after-school snack or stop by a park on the way home to make it more of an adventure.

6. Gamify the Ride

Gamified cycling is a great way to put a new spin on bike riding. After all, kids love games. By using gaming features like levels, points, leaderboards, and rewards, you can transform biking into a fresh and entertaining experience. You can use a smartphone app, such as Strava or MapMyRide, to track miles or assign points for riding to specific locations–for example, earn 10 points for biking to a friend’s house and 15 points for riding to soccer practice.


Set up goals and tap into your kid’s competitive spirit by creating rewards for each new milestone they reach. You can even invite other families to join and make the rewards a collective effort to empower the youngsters to work together. Let’s be honest: What group of kids wouldn’t pedal their little hearts out for a chance to score a special reward?

7. Errands on Wheels

Another great way to showcase sustainability is to bike with kiddos as you tackle typical errands. Dropping off a package at the post office? Need to return a book to the library? Picking up at the pharmacy? These everyday errands are opportunities to model sustainability and build a biking habit. Bonus: You’ll steer clear of that dreaded time spent circling the parking lot waiting for a space to free up!


Taking your Rider to the farmer’s market is also a fun way to get them excited about food. They can help pick out some tasty veggies for dinner or a handful of Honeycrisp apples and help you make a pie. And with the woom NOW, you’ll have plenty of space to store your purchases. It’s an excellent choice for Riders as young as seven.

Cycling to and from small errands throughout the week is a simple but meaningful way to live a bit greener and healthier. You’ll be laying the groundwork for a sustainable habit in no time.

8. The Car-Free Week Challenge

This may be an idea that takes more logistical planning than the others, but it’s certainly a fun challenge to try with the whole family. The goal is simple: swap the car for a bike for an entire week. Whether you’re heading to the office or taking your little one to a music lesson, challenge your family to leave the car keys at home and get behind their handlebars instead.


You’ll have to exercise a bit of creativity throughout the week when deciding how to haul groceries or safely get your kiddo’s science project to school. But it’s a fun way to shake up your regular routine while helping out the environment. Plus, you’re showing little ones the joy of thinking outside the box.

Ready to Roll?

Biking and sustainability go hand in hand. So let’s celebrate Earth Day by heading outdoors, going on a biking adventure, and showing the environment some much-needed love. As you incorporate these practices into your family’s everyday routine, the youngsters will naturally develop an affinity for biking and carry the eco-conscious habit with them throughout their lives. Not only will it help build a better today but also it’ll ensure a brighter tomorrow for our loved ones.


And don’t forget to take some pictures of your adventures and share your #woommagicmoments on Instagram.

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