2020 Holiday Gift Guide

So you’ve got your kiddo's dream bike, now what? With your child in mind, we’ve designed bike accessories and apparel that will elevate their riding experience.


Check out our curated 2020 Holiday Gift Guide below for some fun gift ideas for the bike-obsessed kid in your life.

Little Rider

Build the foundation for your little one to fall in love with riding a bike! Stock up on essential accessories to guarantee success for your little Rider.

Perfect for: Kids who are 1-4 years old



DOCK Bikestand

WALKIE Carry Strap

woom 1 PRO Bundle

Pedal Pro

Skip the training wheels and take on the world! These bike accessories will make your kids transition from balance to pedals seamless.

Perfect for: Kids who are 3-6 years old


CYCLOPE Bike Lights

TENS Bike Gloves

AIRFLO Bike Pump

woom 3 PRO Bundle

Rider for Life

Take your woom to the next level with our best selling bike accessories! Whether your kiddo is flying through puddles, tackling long gravel rides, or gearing up for a family adventure, woom has accessories to suit any style of riding.

Perfect for: Kids who are 6-14 years old


GLUG Bottle

LOKKI Bike Lock

WTBW T-Shirt

SLOFF Frame Bag

Off-Road Monsta

Gifts for the fearless young Rider that is taking on rocky terrain in the mountains and forests, or jumping curbs on the city streets.

Perfect for: Kids who are 6-14 years old


WARM TENS Bike Gloves


Commuter Jacket

Happy gifting!

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