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All WOOM Bike Models Are Available; Free Shipping Offer

High-quality and light-weight WOOM bicycles are now back in stock. WOOM offers free ground shipping (



Nov 01, 2016, 21:06 ET

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Following a surge in demand for its bikes, WOOMBIKES USA has replenished its US warehouse inventory and has its complete line-up of kids' bikes available again - just in time for the holidays. The light-weight and high-quality bicycles for children are available in six different models – each designed for a specific age group.

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As a holiday gift for new and returning customers, WOOMBIKES USA has launched free domestic ground shipping on all bikes, accessories, and apparel until the end of the year. When purchasing a product at, the company offers a 30-day risk free Satisfaction Guarantee, which is extended until January 25th for holiday shoppers.

This year has seen a tremendous rise of demand for WOOM bikes. "Our growth in the US has exceeded our wildest expectations and we've sold out of all of our models several times this year. We are fully stocked once again for the holiday season," says North American President Mathias Ihlenfeld. "It's only our second year in full operation in the US and we always run out of bikes. We restocked our warehouse in Austin to prepare for the holiday season a little bit better.  I hope we have enough bikes for everyone."

All WOOM bikes are designed with custom tubing and carefully engineered geometry that allows for an upright riding position while maintaining a kid-friendly, low standover height. Each bike is available in red, blue, green, or purple. All bikes are assembled to order by professional bike mechanics at the WOOMBIKES USA headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Technical and Design Specifications of Bikes

  • The 12" WOOM 1 Balance Bike is the perfect bike to introduce to your child. It is extremely low to the ground so your child can start riding as soon as they start walking. It is a great way to introduce the concept of balance, so there is never a need for training wheels.
  • The 14" WOOM 2 is the first bike of the WOOM family with unique geometry. The flat seat angle, short cranks and low bottom bracket enable your child to always have their feet on the ground without losing balance. This bike is small, light-weight, low to the ground, and the greatest bike on the market to help your child pedal freely without training wheels.
  • The 16" WOOM 3 is all about offering a lower ride height. The low center of gravity of the comparably small triangle frame, in conjunction with the high cockpit and stable geometry, all help the child to further improve his riding skills.
  • The 20" WOOM 4 is built with optimized geometry to enhance riding dynamics. With 8 gears and light off-road tires, this bike is perfect for exploring and extended usage.
  • The 24" WOOM 5 delivers adult riding dynamics with optimized geometry and light profile tires. Its 8 gears expand the usage spectrum significantly. This model represents the last stage of a bike tailored to children.
  • The 26" WOOM 6 has a light frame, high quality components, 8 gears, and Kenda tires. This youth bike is the perfect link between the WOOM children's bicycles and an adult bike.

About The Company

WOOM is a European bicycle company that designs and manufactures the highest quality and most adaptable bikes for children of all ages. WOOM's attention to detail sets the company apart – from the carefully selected materials and commitment to safety and performance to the first-of-its-kind Up-Cycle program, WOOM is changing the paradigm of youth cycling. The bikes are designed inEurope. Research & Development takes place in Vienna, Austria by WOOM Europe. 

WOOMBIKES USA was born in 2014 with the desire to bring the same high-quality and lightweight bicycle models being ridden all across Europe to families in North America. WOOM Bikes USA is located in Austin, TX and can be contacted via email, or by phone at 855-WOOMUSA (855-966-6872). For more information or to make a purchase,

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Mathias Ihlenfeld November 02, 2016 0 tags (show)

at home with the zierings: Learning to Ride a Bike-By Ian

At five years old it was time to get a bigger bike. I did a lot of research online to find the perfect bike, I was not happy with the heavy beginner bike with the impossible to squeeze hand brake I first got.  I knew there must be something purposely built for little kids, not just look like it.  I found a little bike company called Woom. Their bikes are built with a focus on creating confident riders by using very light weight materials and usable mechanical parts designed for little ones. They come in several sizes, and each one allows for growth in size, and ability. Mia popped the kickstand, threw a leg over and took off with a scream. The bike uses front and rear hand brakes to slow and stop. The brake levers are built in such a way that little hands can reach them while holding that handle bars, but more importantly, they can squeeze them to brake. A luxury in appearance on her Frozen bike, but made practical on her Woom bike. So much of becoming a good bike rider is becoming a good bike stopper. Mia flies on this thing! Like anything, I feel so proud to have taught my daughter to ride a bike.

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Mathias Ihlenfeld July 31, 2016 0 tags (show) Transition from Balance Bike to Pedal Bike

Outdoor Adventure Blog wrote about her experiences transitioning her son from Balance to Pedal bike:  

Read the article and see what seemed to work well with the transition from balance bike to pedal bike.  Be sure to continue reading until the end to watch the whole process in action with our quick video!

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Mathias Ihlenfeld May 11, 2016 0 tags (show)

WOOM 4 Carbonara in online magazine

Online Swiss Mountain Bike Magazine features our WOOM4 Carbonara Bike

* In German


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Mathias Ihlenfeld May 11, 2016 0 tags (show) Super light Woom Carbonara 20” MTB for one lucky kid

Fair Wheel Bikes customizes a super light Woom Carbonara 20” MTB for one lucky kid


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Mathias Ihlenfeld May 11, 2016 0 tags (show)

Woom 2 Review: The ultimate 14″ kids pedal bike -

Rascal Rides (Kids +Family + Bikes) reviewed our WOOM 2 and concludes that it is the ultimate 14″ kids pedal bike (

Excerpts (read the entire article and reviews here):

"For anybody who is looking for a REAL BIKE for their 3-4.5 year old, I would highly recommend the Woom 2. From the Kenda tires, to the color-coded brake levers, to the lightweight aluminum frame, every inch of the Woom 2 is perfection."

"it only took about 10 minutes to install the pedals and adjust the handlebars, seat, and brakes—and we were off"

"I’ve been blown away by how much faster, confident, and joyful he seems riding the Woom 2"

"The fact that P’s riding has improved on the Woom 2 is a result of the bike’s lightweight and intelligent design."



The Woom 2 is an intelligently designed, beautifully built bike for kids ages 3 to 4.5. The bike is a bit spendy, but in my experience it’s worth every penny and then some. Compared to other bikes in this size range, the Woom is a huge step up. If you are looking for a quality bike that is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and that your child will love, you cant beat the Woom 2.


About Rascal Rides:

Rascal Rides = Kids + Bikes + Family

At Rascal Rides, our goal is to get #morekidsonbikes. Cycling is good for the planet, good for kid’s health, and good for families.

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Mathias Ihlenfeld May 03, 2016 0 tags (show)