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Not all kids bikes are created equal. Learn from our mistakes. Go with Woom.

Not all kids bikes are created equal. Learn from our mistakes. Go with Woom. 

by Sarah Loader (Sarah Walton <

I just have to say – I LOVE my daughter’s Woom3 bike.  More importantly – my 4 year old daughter LOVES it and loves riding again.  Her frustrations with her first traditional children’s bike took the fun out of riding for her.  My search for a better designed bike led me to Woom - bikes specifically designed for kids! Their well-engineered features have made the difference for our daughter.  Thank you Woom Bikes!!! 

Our Challenges

My daughter loved her balance bike, but she was excited and ready to start riding a pedal bike.  We made the mistake of purchasing a traditional bike from a big box store. The bike was so poorly designed that my daughter became frustrated and didn’t want to ride anymore.

The traditional bike weighed 20lbs, which is over half of our daughter 37 pound frame. The heaviness made it a struggle to get started, ride up hills, or over uneven ground.  Our daughter is a fit girl with strong legs from years of hiking, so this issue was not expected. She also had difficulty transitioning to the coaster brakes that are common with traditional kid’s bikes.  Bikes need brakes, but pedaling backwards is not an intuitive way to learn to stop, and modern adult bikes do not generally come with coaster brakes, so transitioning to coaster brakes doesn’t make sense.   

Another big issue for us with the traditional bike was the geometry, which amounted to a scaled down adult bike.  We purchased a 12” traditional bike; the same size as the balance bike she started on at age 2. She is an average sized 4year old at 42 inches tall (inseam of ~17inches).  Even so, her feet couldn’t reach the ground when she was riding with the seat in the lowest position.  As a new rider, she needed the reassurance of being able to put her feet on the ground without having to fall to the side.

We needed to find a solution to keep biking fun.  From our research, Woom Bikes stood out.  Their bikes are designed to address the issues we experienced. Woom Bikes are more expensive than bikes from the big box stores, but, with younger siblings and a great resale value, it was a smart investment.  We wanted to go with the right bike and the right company.  A call to Woom Bikes completely sold me on them. Woom was established only a few years ago, and my call was answered by one of the owners.  The customer service was incredible – the kind you don’t see anymore. All of our questions were answered, and he took extra time to make helpful recommendations.  It was obvious they are excited about their bikes and stand behind their products.  I hung up feeling very comfortable with my decision to go with a Woom bike, especially after being advised that if the bike did not work for us, we could return it for a full refund as part of Woom’s 90 day return guarantee. They would even cover shipping fees. WOW! 

Our daughter’s bike arrived approximately a week later.  It came well packed and mostly put together.  Five minutes of assembly, and then came the fun – riding!  She took off on it like she had been riding it for weeks - up and down the driveway, around our cars, on the grass, on the sidewalk - all while flashing a huge smile and talking excitedly. 

Why Woom Bikes Work

The Woom3 bike has been a miracle cure for us to get our daughter biking again.  The essential features of this bike are: its light weight; its hand brakes; and its child-specific geometry.

The biggest improvement we have seen in our daughter’s riding ability is due to her Woom bike being lightweight.  It only weighs 13lbs!  Our daughter can now ride on dirt trails, uneven ground, up hills, and even get started uphill.  

We weren’t sure how well our daughter would like using the handbrakes, but we felt it would be safer than using coaster brakes, which tend to results in a rear-wheel skid.  We started out having her use the rear brake until she got used to it.  Adjusting to the hand brakes was simple, and within an hour she was using both hand brakes with great control.

Our Woom3 bike is a 16” bike – bigger than her traditional bike.  Even though it is bigger, it fits her better due to the design of the frame. Woom positions the bike wheels further apart.  This lowers the rider, and the center of gravity, making balancing easier.  Our daughter has no problems getting on and off her Woom and can easily sit on the seat and still touch the ground.  

The Woom3 comes with a removable steering delimiter, which keeps the front wheel from turning all the way around and dampens the effect of sharp turning motions. This is a great feature during the learning stages and one that is easy to remove.  The bike also comes with a bell and a kickstand and is available in a variety of vibrant colors.

Bottom Line

Woom Bikes rock!  The Woom3 has made riding easier, more natural, and fun for our daughter. But it’s not just the bikes that rock.  The company is awesome too!  Great customer service, a well-designed informative website, and a philosophy of giving back to the community are all reasons we will be staying with Woom Bikes.

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