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    there is no better way for kids to love bikes than to use one that is made just for them
  • award-winning children's bikes
    we build high-quality and lightweight bikes for children of all ages
woom 1
$ 199.00
Bike Icon 12" • 6.61 lbs
1,5 - 3,5 years • 31" - 40"
woom 1 PLUS
$ 269.00
Bike Icon 14" • 9.48 lbs
3 – 4,5 • 37" - 43"
woom 2
$ 359.00
Bike Icon 14" • 11.24 lbs
3 - 4,5 years • 37" - 43"
woom 3
$ 389.00
Bike Icon 16" • 11.68 lbs
4 - 6 years • 41" - 47 "
woom 4
$ 479.00
Bike Icon 20" • 16.09 lbs
6 - 8 years • 45" - 51"
woom 5
$ 499.00
Bike Icon 24" • 18.08 lbs
7 - 11 years • 49" - 57"
woom 6
$ 529.00
Bike Icon 26" • 20.06 lbs
10 - 14 years • 55" - 65"
woom OFF 4
$ 669.00
Bike Icon 20" • 16.09 lbs
6 - 8 years • 45" - 51"
woom OFF 5
$ 679.00
Bike Icon 24" • 18.08 lbs
7 - 11 years • 49" - 57"
woom OFF 6
$ 699.00
Bike Icon 26" • 20.06 lbs
10 - 14 years • 55" - 65"

We stand by our work. And we understand children's bikes!

We build super-light & long-lasting bikes for children from ages one and a half to fourteen years. Every detail on the bike is consistently thought out and makes the safe discovery of their world a great experience for our little ones.

We are honored by our awards, positive reviews and media coverage our bikes have received.

Two Wheeling Tots
Two Wheeling Tots Top Pick: Best in Bikes for Tikes
Winner of a Gold 2018 German Design Award
Tales of a Mountain Mama
"Quality components and impressive geometry." Rebecca Walsh
Winner of the EUROBIKE Award 2018
Design & Innovation Award 2018
Design & Innovation Award 2018
Design & Innovation Award 2018
Design & Innovation Award 2018
woom won good design award
A'Design Award
Winner of teh A'Design GOLD award

woom? woom!

superlight At just 5kg (woom 2) the lightest series-production children's bike in the world
made for children 90% of the components have been specially developed for children..
ergonomical Designed to fit children aged one and a half to fourteen years.
upcycling Exchange your old woom bike and receive a 40% discount when buying the next size up.
amazing service full customer satisfaction is guaranteed
award winner Praised by industry insiders, pro riders, parents and children.
riding a bike made easy
on woom bikes, kids can enjoy and master proper balance from a design made just for them
  • "My first introduction to woom was a bike for my daughter Surya. It was an ideal start into the world of two wheels."
    Timo Pritzel
    Timo Pritzel Pro Mountain Biker A Freeride Legend timopritzel.com
  • "The first bike for my son was a woom Bike. So was his 2nd bike... you can guess what his 3rd will be!"
    Andy Schleck
    Andy Schleck Winner of the Tour de France 2010 andyschleckcycles.lu
  • "These bicycles are developed to help children's confidence. The low weight and the components are just for little ones! My daughter Mia is flying with her bike!"
    Ian Ziering
    Ian Ziering Actor and Father of Two Daughters theianzieringfamily
  • "My daughters ride these bikes because of the immense difference the weight makes. It's great to see how easy and intuitive they learn to ride using these bicycles."
    Daniela Gaigg
    Daniela Gaigg Blogger, The Little Messenger diekleinebotin.at

12lb 3oz Lightweight (woom 2) one of the lightest children's bikes in the world

riding a much heavier (non-woom) child's bike with training wheels would be like an adult trying to learn to ride a bike by using a heavy moped. Imagine the difficulty of a bike that is almost 2/3rd of your body weight.

who we are
Christian Bezdeka and Marcus Ihlenfeld: founders of woom, passionate bike riders and fathers
learn more
Kids grow quickly. Size and fit is important. Avoid making compromises and choose the right size bike for your child. This unique program is available to all of our customers and will allow you to size up to the next bigger bike as your child grows.
woom bikes grow with you
(optional purchase)
40% back of the original purchase price.
We will reimburse 40% of the original bike purchase price when you order a new woom bike within 24 months.
Your old woom bike must be less than 2 years old and in rideable condition. Rideable condition means that you allow your child to ride the bike.
We manage the return shipping of your old bike. We will provide you with a prepaid return label.
free shipping
We offer nationwide free shipping and free 30-day return shipping.
fast delivery
We ship UPS Ground and your woom Bike will typically arrive in 3-5 business days.
30-day satisfaction guarantee
We offer free 30-day return shipping for all of our products
easy assembly
Your woom bike arrives nearly entirely assembled by a pro!
amazing service
full customer satisfaction is guaranteed
conscious products
We believe in creating bikes in an environmentally friendly manner